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Extreme Thirst while fasting

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  • Extreme Thirst while fasting

    I am doing a 24hour IF today (from 6pm last night to 6pm tonight). This is my second time doing it. Both times, I experience extreme thirst. I am am drinking about 24 oz of water every hour. Anyone have this experience? I tried to google it but have not found much information.

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    I know you have to drink a lot of extra water when fasting since you're not getting any water from food, but it sounds like you're doing that. Maybe it's the quality of the water you're drinking? Is it tap, bottled, what kind?
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      I drink a lot when fasting too, but I think that's mostly because I tend to snack when I'm bored, and drinking gets my mind off food. I wouldn't worry about it though, I doubt it'll do any harm
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        I hardly ever drink more than 24oz of water in an entire day. Are you filling up on grains pre-fast? Wheat products always make me extremely thirsty, but if I don't have them, thirst goes away.


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          No grains. I drank bottled water from the work cooler. I guess the water was needed if I was that thirsty. Thanks for the information.