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Why does carbohydrates create smal ldl?

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  • Why does carbohydrates create smal ldl?

    From what iunderstand eating carbs create small ldl particules that in turn create heart disease.

    How exactly does that happen. What makes the carbohydrate create small ldl?

    Doez it also inflame and oxidate arteries to eat carbs?

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    I haven't done much research on the subject yet but I do know that it's true. Just check out this article:

    The Heart Scan Blog: Small LDL: Simple vs. complex carbohydrates

    It appears that even complex carbohydrates produce small LDL, and the only way to lower small LDL significantly is by eliminating all grains and sugar.


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      I read this article too but it doesnt really say what is the scientific explanation of what happens in the body


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        I realize this reply to this post is over a year late but I thought I'd just toss it out there in case anyone's looking for this. In Wheatbelly and at, the explanation I read is that when carbs turn into fat through DNL, that fat is a triglyceride which has a higher tendency to convert to small particle LDL than say dietary fat.

        This begs a question that I've asked over there and haven't received a response on yet. The question to me is: If DNL is what makes carbs raise small particle LDL, then shouldn't we be fighting DNL, rather than carbs in general?

        Carbs for people with chronically high blood sugar would DNL on a regular basis and raise LDL. However, 150-200g of carbs for a trained athlete who just did a 4 hour glycogen depletion work out--there's no way that athlete would have any DNL until they replenish their muscle glycogen. No DNL, then no small particle LDL.

        That would imply to me that you can't have a dogmatic rule of NO CARBS ever, unless you want your LDL to skyrocket through the roof!

        But I'm no expert. I just do a lot of reading LOL