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12 year old and Vit D supplementation

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  • 12 year old and Vit D supplementation

    Hi guys,
    My daughter gets colds quite easily and I`m wondering if it will hurt her if I give her Vit D? I use the liquid stuff and it`s 5000 iu`s per dropperful. Think it`s ok to supplement her to try and boost her immunity?
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    I dose my 4 children daily with 1-2000 iu's ages 8,6,3,3 - so yes I thinkit is OK. Not one cold or flu this winter...first time since we've had kids and not had a winter full of sickness here in Massachusetts. Don't even think twice about it but maybe drop the iu's down to 2000 or so or get her blood checked.


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      Thank you I do want to do a full panel on her;that should be lots of fun as she absolutely hates needles. She is sick much more frequently than my son. They`ll both be getting daily multi`s (I`ve been horrible at making sure they get a multi and neither of them eats enough vegees) and I`m going to start them on fish oil as neither one of them will touch fish.
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        If it's only colds, is it really neccessary to do a full panel?

        Encourage her to be careful to wash her hands and to use some wipes before she eats at school. Kids seem to forget everything you've taught them when you aren't hanging over their shoulder

        What is her nutritional status like otherwise - what is she eating daily?

        Be a bit careful about dosage if you do supplement, and use a reputable brand so you know the quality control is good. I've read a couple of scary stories about overdose. More fresh air and sunshine? - are you guys heading into summer?

        I can't take fish oil, it gives me the most horrible heartburn. I just try to minimize w6 instead. Try making salmon fishcakes (the ones with tinned salmon and mashed potato, crumbed) as a mild introduction to fish flavour.
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          I definitely recommend making sure she is Vitamin D sufficient!

          The Vitamin D Council recommended dosage (prior to testing) is 1,000 IUs of D3 per 25 lbs of body weight. It's OK if 5,000 IUs is a bit over that--just get her tested in 3 months and adjust the dose then.
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            Meaningless personal experience - personal hygiene doesn't seem to have much to do with catching things or not. As a child, since I was frequently told to wash my hands, I didn't. (I would scowl defiantly at the little stickers over the sinks and stomp past.) Apart from mumps and chicken pox, I can remember one day off school. Little brother would catch something, Mum would catch it from him, Dad might catch it from her, and I would watch and feel superior. (I think I was a pretty irritating brat.)

            Vitamin D status? Goodness knows, but probably good - lots of time outdoors without sunscreen. Nutritional status generally, ditto. But I'd guess it was just a random constitutional thing/ first child advantage or something.

            Funny thing is... over the past few years I've lost all that obnoxious-superiority glow, as I started catching lots of things my husband didn't. Post-Primal, no bugs all winter.


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              Originally posted by Hilary View Post
              Meaningless personal experience - personal hygiene doesn't seem to have much to do with catching things or not.
              I guess your experience shows otherwise, but OTOH, one of my kids friends is borderline OCD about handwashing and NEVER has a cold. I've usually been in the 'eat a peck of dirt before you die' brigade (meaning, a bit of dirt won't kill you) and exposure is good for your immune system. but then...

              Elsevier: Article Locator
              Effect of Hand Hygiene on Infectious Disease Risk in the Community Setting: A Meta-Analysis -- Aiello et al., 10.2105/AJPH.2007.124610 -- American Journal of Public Health

              this is interesting: Vitamin A status in children who are prone to respiratory tract infections - PINNOCK - 2008 - Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health - Wiley Online Library
              I note Cillacat mentioned Vitamin A.... could be worth looking at.

              also this one on D:

              and then adding... another study mentions NO reduction in infections with low dose vit a supplement, while yet another shows quite dramatic improvement with a multi in a controlled trial. I guess that's where literature reviews and ... hmm, I forget the name, those studies that take a whole lot of data from all over the place meta studies or something - come in. .....

              FWIW I got Blackmore's Teen Multi for my daughter, as it seems to cover the bases relatively well.
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              If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat? Tom Snyder