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Curious test results, any thoughts?

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  • Curious test results, any thoughts?

    In general I totally agree with the idea about not being neurotic about cholesterol, testing, measuring etc... however I just got some tests done because I was curious how a year+ of paleo changed my numbers being that I was vegetarian prior. The results have me looking into things a bit more so please excuse me.

    I got a VAP, 25-Hydroxy, CRP, and hA1c. Results:

    LDL 103
    HDL 41
    VLDL 15
    Total Cholesterol 159
    Total / HDL Ratio 3.87
    Trig / HDL Ratio 1.268
    LDL / HDL Ratio 2.51

    apoB100-calc 87
    Lp(A) Cholesterol 4
    IDL Cholesterol 3
    Remnant Lip (IDL+VLDL3) 11
    LDL-r Real-C 96

    HDL-2 (Most protective) 8
    HDL-3 (Less Protective) 33
    VLDL-3 (Small Remnant) 8
    LDL1 (A) 3.8
    LDL2 (A) 9.9
    LDL3 (B) 63
    LDL4(B) 19.3
    LDL Pattern B

    Hemoglobin A1c 5.2
    Vit D, 25-Hydroxy (ng/mL) 58.8
    C-Reactive Protein (mg/L) 5.51

    So I guess most of it is decent, I'm surprised the total cholesterol wasn't higher. There are two things that stand out, based on what I know. Obviously the biggest issue is pattern B LDL. Which I'm pretty surprised to see; my adherence to paleo/primal diet and lifestyle has been pretty solid for over a year. Also, my ratios seem decent - most of the stuff I've read about the trig/hdl ratio say that a good number here usually indicates pattern A... so why do I have good ratios but strongly pattern B?
    Also, it reads VLDL is 15. I was under the impression that pattern B is heavy on VLDL, as opposed to just LDL, so I would expected a higher VLDL or pattern A... no?

    I don't know how to interpret the LDL-Real, Lp(A), appoB100, etc.

    The second issue is the c-reactive protein, but I think it should be ignored because I had just gotten over a bacterial food poisoning a week earlier. I should have known it would cause massive inflammation and thus skew the results... I plan to retest that later to confirm.

    I'm wondering if this is a possible indication of something hereditary? My paternal grandfather died of a heart attack around 55 years old - he wasn't overweight, although he did smoke. Also it is interesting that my numbers are virtually the same as they were pre-paleo (post 5 year vegetarian)... and two of the ratios are even very slightly worse. Although I'm basing that off calculated LDL (CBC panel).

    Generally I've eaten on the lower carb, higher fat side of the spectrum but cycle through moderate carb days with more intense physical activity. Paleo adherence is probably around ~95%, no dairy aside from HWC, 27/m.

    Further investigation warranted or nothing to see... move along?