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  • nuts driving me nuts!

    On this innocent morning I read Mark's article about Rancid Fat, Store-Bought Mayo and Rice Bran Oil and discovered a link to PUFA's and discovered bascially I should have the attitude that nuts and seeds aren't good, especially when heated. So I wasn't being primal at all when enjoying my egg porridge with flak seeds, walnuts etc (see user created cookbook) every morning...?! Worried I overloaded my body with omega 6 I decided I wont eat them that often anymore. Then I stumbled across another post that Mark wrote:

    if you relegate your nut consumption only to the odd handful of raw nuts you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities to go nuts!
    At this point I'm pulling my hair out!!! More articles led to more confusion and more frustration... Can I enjoy my morning porridge or not? Can I still have my mid afternoon snack of mixed nuts? has anyone got a simple rule of thumb to go buy.... AAAAAAAAAARGH!

    In the mean time, whilst waiting for your answers, I've decided to fast for a day

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    I think there's a real danger of getting obsessive and extreme in trying to eat Primal. There will be someone to tell you that anything--anything--you want to eat isn't "100% Primal." Clearly, nuts ARE part of the Primal diet, and Mark's new cookbook includes recipes that involve heating/broiling/cooking them. So please stop worrying so much! My only problem with nuts is that they can make me feel bingy: if I'm going to overeat on Primal foods, it's going to be roasted almonds or dark chocolate. But that's my problem!


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      If nuts are keeping you on track for now and keeping grains and sugars out of your life, then don't worry to much about the details. It is easy to get overloaded by all of the information and seemingly conflicting articles. Stick to the basics, live for quite a while establishing your primal lifestyle, and then try small tweaks here and there to see how YOU feel with the change.
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        I like Robb Wolf's take on nuts, "only eat as many nuts as you are willing to hand crack" (or something like that). Buy nuts still in the shell and crack them yourself, it will slow you way down.
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          Bodhi, that is a good one!

          Thanks all... I've decided to still enjoy the nuts as much as before. However instead of mixing them in my egg porridge on the fire I now add them afterwards