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  • Krebs Cycle + Magnesium Supplements

    Hi All, (did the search already on this site + google)

    Can anyone tell me which would be more beneficial to my body please:

    150mg Magnesium Citrate capsules

    500mg Magnesium Krebs Cycle capsules (Elemental Magnesium - Oxide and Krebs Cycle sources: Citrate, fumerate, succinate, malate, glutarate)

    Love to hear! Thanks, G

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    Not sure if this helps:

    ""Aspartate feeds into the krebs cycle, the final common pathway for the conversion of glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids to chemical energy (ATP), while citrate is itself a component of the krebs cycle. krebs cycle components including aspartate, citrate, fumarate, malate, and succinate usually provide a better mineral chelate, as evidence suggests that minerals chelated to the krebs cycle intermediates are better absorbed, utilized, and tolerated compared with inorganic or relatively insoluble mineral salts, including magnesium chloride, oxide, or carbonate."
    - Michael T. Murray, ND, Textbook of Natural Medicine 2nd Edition Volume 1"


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      Hmm, well I don't have any data on the exact absorption of Krebs Cycle magnesium supplements. Chelating to Krebs cycle minerals is a tricky way of sneaking magnesium into the body, just like an amino acid chelate. I'm guessing it will be pretty good. Citrate alone is very good at 97% so either way you are probably in business. Oxide by itself is just so terrible but these guys seem confident that they can get it into your blood. I always get a calming feeling after taking citrate and if you get that with the other kind then you can know that it is good stuff. To put it all into perspective, they claim it is better than carbonate or chloride, and those are 60% each on average. So you are getting plenty. I just don't know if it absorbs as well as citrate. If the Krebs Cycle stuff is much cheaper per mg than the citrate then that would probably be better purchase. Is that 500mg of magnesium or of the entire chelate? That might be important too.
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        Thanks Stabby - truth is, there is no further information available other than that I posted above. A search on the net was fruitless I am afraid. So it appears that each tablet contains 500mg of chelate as opposed to the magnesium citrate itself.

        I bought both bottles and will just take it from there I guess. Citrate is the winner - thats clear!

        I'll try both (will take some time) - and then report back. Thanks amigo!