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  • Dairy Re-introduction

    Soo, I eliminated dairy during my whole 30, but because of financial issues this month "had" to reintroduce it. Beyond old pasta, it was the only thing left in the house last night. I was ravenous after a non-intentional 24 hour fast (hey, being primal helps when you're broke too!), and figured rather than torture myself or succumb to pasta, it wouldn't be so bad to eat full-fat organic yogurt and grassfed kerrygold cheese & butter (of all things, THIS is what we have when our cupboards are bare, not much to complain about!) to get the extra fat.

    Then, I had my first emotional/manic breakdown since starting PB (6 months ago).. Today I stuck to sheep's milk cheese (although we salvaged some grassfed burger, yay!) but am now experience horrible panic attacks.

    Does this mean I have developed an intolerance (or always had) to dairy?! Or perhaps did I just wayyy over-indulge on my first re-introduction? I'm not feeling overly guilty because I had little choice (other than fast, but I am not perfect!), I just hate feeling so anxious, I can't get anything done! Anyone else experience this on re-introduction after Whole 30? What did you do? Help!

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    Get your shit straightened out financially. Followed by your head. Then worry about your diet.

    'Beyond old pasta, it was the only thing left in the house last night'.

    You've got to be kidding.


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      Haha, well, I literally cannot do college work unless I worry about my diet.

      And not kidding (don't underestimate the pasta, it literally takes up a HUGE shelf, it could feed a village)! A person living with us left about a week before rent was due, and I budget reallllly carefully for primal food. It meant coming up with 1k spur of the moment. Luckily, said person worked at a restaurant and left behind $60 of restaurant certificates , and this will all be sorted out by the first. Not as bad as it sounds, I swear!

      Oh and OKAY, we also had a lot of canned food. But all things I'm allergic to


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        It could be that you have a sensitivity to dairy OR it could just be too much at once after abstaining for so long.

        Personally, I did an 'elimination diet' for dairy quite a while ago. No dairy at all for a month. Then I just had about 2 oz of hard cheese--and I got heartburn. I waited two more days and had a little more cheese--more heartburn. Since I've given up all dairy, I've felt great and no more heartburn or reflux.

        You may want to experiment again before deciding that dairy is a problem for you--simply because all dairy after a 24 hr fast may be the problem rather than dairy itself.


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          if i dont tolerate dairy after lent i will be incredibly pissed offf
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            Ahahaha, Mal! I know you were one of the people struggling with giving up butter as well... Here's hoping! I just think I went overboard..


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              I'm trying to limit my dairy - finally started subbing out butter with coconut and olive oil. Though I will have some on my steak. And don't get me started on cheese... lol.

              But yea, I think it was a bit of a shock to your system to go from no dairy to a crapload of dairy in a short time, not to mention that you were fasting at the same time
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                Eat more eggs if you are broke. They are dirt cheap (even the omega 3 kind) have every essential amino acid you need, lots of fat 2 and there are a million ways to eat them -> hard boiled, scrambled, omelttes, etc.

                If you are really really broke milk is your best friend. Cost per calorie and gram of fat cannot be bested. 2 glasses of whole milk with cocoa powder in it is a satiating snack or meal in itself. You might want to try initiating a mass building strength program while you are at it; milk has famous (and infamous) growth potential and support.
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