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"Ah, well, gotta die of somethin' "

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  • "Ah, well, gotta die of somethin' "

    Oh, this attitude just infuriates me!

    My father had this attitude, and I watched him wither from a strong healthy 50 year old man into a frail, emaciated, bloated, cancer victim in less than a year.

    Yet my family Just. Don't. Get. It.

    One sibling is diabetic, type 1, has been since age 21. He chews tobacco and drinks like a bloody fish.

    The other is about 70 pounds overweight, smokes, and lives on lean cuisine. She lived with me, so she doesn't even have the excuse of "well, I didn't know better".

    My coworkers are little better-no idea what a carbohydrate is (Is that a vitamin? Yes, really!) and have

    chronic migraines
    sleep apnea
    high cholesterol
    high bp
    etc, etc, etc.

    But the prevailing attitude is you can take good care of yourself and live to 90, and spend the last 10 years in a nursing home, or enjoy life and have a massive coronary at 55. WHY is there this huge disconnect -the thought being healthy and active and elderly is considered no more than the ability to sprout wings and fly south for the winter under your own power.

    What the hell is the matter with people!? Don't they understand that taking care of themselves to remain healthy is as much for their loved ones as it is for themselves?

    /end rant.
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    I can empathize with your frustrations.... *sigh*


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      I think they have it backwards. Live like they do, and rot in a care facility from the age of 65 or so. Or live like WE do and die suddenly falling off a mountain or something.


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        + another 1 - My husband's attitude in a nutshell.

        OK fine, here's your new Netflix movie - I'm gonna hike to the top of the hill and watch the sun go down.


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          I plan on dying in a bath of my enemy's blood at the age of 110.

          Look at Art Devany. 75 and ripped like a madman, and I don't think his diet is anywhere near optimal. But he eats paleo.
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            Sadly most people abide by the saying "The point of life is not to arrive at the grave with a well-preserved body, but rather to Slide in Sideways, completely used up, yelling and screaming, what a ride!"

            What they don't know is that they wont be able to do this with their chronic arthritis, heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc...

            Can't we be truly healthy (not what CW says) and still have a kick ass life? I know we can!
            Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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              It reminds me of my gram's- my mom's- my aunt's, for many years- attitude, that "Only God knows when you'll die." To which I always responded, "What of God plans for you to live to 100, but you've wrecked your health by 50? Who wants to live 1/2 their life miserable?" My mom and gram never got it, and they're dead now. My aunt stopped eating processed food and started exercising a few years ago, and she's fighting cancer but she's still here.
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                It's funny reading all these threads... Aside from older family members--and I completely understand what you mean about the frustration there-- I think *I'm* the unhealthiest person I know (and in the process of becoming healthier, of course!) Maybe it's a function of age or location.


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                  They sound like me with my "activities". I used to be good looking, but between the bike accidents (no helmet) and the miscellaneous running and jumping injuries (Grok was lucky, he lived before pavement) I've become a scarred wreck. Although I have been told the scars enhance my good looks.
                  I'll probably get another free climbing tomorrow. Wish me skill, I already have luck.
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                    They just don't get it by thinking "Ah, well, gotta die of somethin''. A lot of people think of health as just plainly ''living longer''. In fact, health is alot about quality too, how you live your life. Are you feeling happy ,active, energetic everyday?


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                      I have no answer. I don't get it either. The few times I have been in the hospital, I have come out determined to take better care of myself. Don't understand people who have a triple bypass, get out of the hospital light a cigarette and stop for fast food on the way home.
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                        my retort is usually that i'd rather die quickly of an accident or simply old age, than spend a decade of my life having my ass wiped by some disrespectful halfling.
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                          To quote the late great Jack LaLane; "follow my advice and it will add years to your life and life to your years".

                          Yeah this attitude is all around us and all we can do is be the example. If you are "younger" and stronger than your calendar age then people will notice. Some won't care but the some will take notice and wonder what it is about you. I've been asked that question more than once. Now I'm by no means old by the calendar. Almost 46 years by that standard. But I "live" circles around most people my age and most people a decade or more behind me. I place no limitations on what I can and can't do. I don't have any idea how long it will all last but I am living every minute of every day to the fullest and have absolutely zero fear about the so called aging process. 50, 60, 70, etc. etc. These numbers mean nothing to me. I embrace the opportunity to be even better and stronger in every way.

                          Be the example!!


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                            "The point of life is not to arrive at the grave with a well-preserved body, but rather to Slide in Sideways, completely used up, yelling and screaming, what a ride!"

                            i love that quote... and i DO totally understand the point of it. i wanna get as much as i can out of life and staying healthy BUT LIVING LIFE along the way counts and isnt remotely related to the quote. i dont think the quote is a reason to have cake for breakfast and fast food for dinner though, i think it is a reality check that people play life to safe and comfortably and they need to get out and experience it.
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                              to add, i idolize my mom who has the 'im gonna die of something' attitude...she LOVES life and is always happy. whatever comes her way, she just deals with it. she drinks beer b/c she likes it. she cooks jambalya and red beans and rice b/c she likes it. she healthy, happy, and most of all HEALTHY MINDED
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