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Walnuts & your digestion (not for the squeamish)

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  • Walnuts & your digestion (not for the squeamish)

    Ok, sorry to be graphic, but after trying to some recipes that call for a lot of walnuts / pecans, I'm getting diarrhea. I don't feel sick or have any gastrointestinal issues, just really loose bowel movements. Due to the high fibre of the nuts? Anyone else have this issue? recommendations? I would like to not have to cut out walnuts...

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    Unfortunately, I would suggest cutting out walnuts as a regular part of your diet. It might be that you're just eating too many of them. Do you prepare them to make them more digestible? Nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that can impair digestion. I have digestive issues with nuts, though they mostly make me feel clogged up and bloated. I don't eat nuts often, and I save them either for treats or for times when I know I'm going to need some portable, non-perishable, quick energy.

    That said, if you're eating a really large amount of nuts, like several ounces per day, you might be able to just cut that back to a more reasonable consumption, like an ounce or maybe two, and see if that helps your digestive issues.


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      I cut out all nuts, can't digest them at all, even dried coconut flakes...


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        Have you tried soaking them?
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          Definitely soak or sprout them. A lot of people forget that nuts are forms of seeds, just as grains are. In order for them to be nutritious, they must be properly prepared first.


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            Neither soaking nor digestive enzymes changed anything for me. The only nuts I really like are cashews (I know, not real nuts ) so I don't care too much


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              -funny, then, that walnuts should feature so prominently in many paleo recipes. I mean, legumes -which I have never had a problem with- are totally forbidden while walnuts are perfectly acceptable, when walnuts are giving me diarrhea and apparently "must be properly prepared first"! I need some help in this complex world of nutrition...