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  • Quick help with recipe?

    I'm trying beef stew for the first time and I combined a few recipes to come up with the ingredients. So I browned the meat in oil like it said and added the onion, spices, garlic, broth and now it says let it simmer for 90 minutes before adding other ingredients like veggies to finish it off.
    In the non-primal recipe it called for cornstarch to be added in later. In the Primal recipe it called for almond flour. I want to use the almond flour, when do I add it in or what do I do with it at this stage?
    Same with tomato paste.

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    Since going Primal I don't use the flour any more and the stew turns out fine. When I did use it I would add it to the beef/onion/oil mixture just befor you put it in to simer. That way it would mix in really smooth and not make lumps in the stew. The tomato paste can go in now. It will help the meat be more tender.


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      Almond flour will not be a good thickener; coconut butter or agar agar would work well.
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        thanks for trying to help. I don't have agar agar or coconut butter so maybe I'll just have a really runny stew.


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          You could also simmer it for awhile with the lid off to thicken it up. I agree, stew doesn't really require thickeners. Next time, you might play around with adding less liquid at the outset because as it cooks, more shows up.

          Yeah, I'm kinda bummed, there's not really a very good replacement for thickeners. I'm guessing that's due to their molecular make-up, which is probably related to why they're so bad for us in the first place.
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            I'd never made a stew before, but it turned out absolutely delicious, no thickener needed. Definitely will become a regular meal.
            Now I just need to look up else to use Almond Flour for since I have it.