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    I've been a runner for 5+ years. New to Primal.

    I keep going to the fridge when I'm thirty and what do I see? Milk, sweet tea, Lemonade, orange juice.

    Nope, nope, nope, nope.

    Other than water, what is a good beverage to go for (something with flavor)?

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    I've been on a Seltzer water kick lately... I know it's not optimal, but with no artificial sweeteners it's so much better than diet soda, and I just add a lemon wedge for some flavor.


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      Unsweetened iced really can get used to drinking it unsweetened.


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        if i want something other than water--which is rare--i usually turn to tea. sometimes i want a little juice or cider, but those usually have a lot of sugar to them, and if i want something sweet i just eat a piece of fruit.
        if you're not worried about the sugar, there's nothing wrong with juice as long as it's real juice.


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          I second the seltzer water idea... the bubbles make it much more exciting than plain tap water. I also like unsweetened green tea, although it can be an acquired taste if you're used to sweetened teas.

          Coconut water is good in moderation. It's a little high in sugar (compared to plain water), so you might want to stick to drinking it after a run.

          Also, Mark has a post here: Soda Alternatives - Healthy Drinks | Mark's Daily Apple


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            I like to mix fruit juice with soda water/seltzer/mineral water. It's super refreshing. I love something bubbly after a workout. The fizz cuts through the drymouth so perfectly.


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              All perfect!