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Is it possible to 'overcome' lactose intolerance?

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  • Is it possible to 'overcome' lactose intolerance?

    I remember reading something about this a few weeks ago, can't remember where it was, but it said that it may be possible for people with lactose intolerance to adapt and start producing more Lactase and therefore handle dairy better. The idea was to eat a very small amount of cheese each day, and the body will slowly adapt and produce the enzymes necessary to digest it.

    As I say I can't remember if this was based on a study or just some crazy hypothesis, but I'd like to be able to handle dairy better.


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    People who have Celiac, who have damage to their villi, can become lactose intolerant because the lactase is made in the ends of the villi... once a celiac is off gluten long enough to re-heal the villi, then they can be able to tolerate lactose again... Perhaps this can happen for others, as well.


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      My buddy was lactose intolerant and it went away when he stopped eating grains.
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        I think there is some evidence for that in the study Improved clinical tolerance to chronic lactose ingestion in subjects with lactose intolerance: a placebo effect? (Gut. 1997 Nov;41(5):632-5)
        My personal experience was that after not having dairy for a while, it took my body a while to adapt to it again.

        Just as some food for thought, many incidences of lactose intolerance aren't actually "true" lactose intolerance. Instead, it is caused by damage to the intestinal villi/microvilli by gluten intolerance/celiac disease. In these individuals, once gluten is eliminated and the intestines have time to heal, the lactose intolerance is reversed.
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