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  • One For The Ladies - I Need Some Help

    Hi, I need some nutritional help. Nutrition is my downfall I admit it, I dont find it as interesting as the workouts and I admit I get lazy and uninspired, meaning i'll eat the same primal style meal over and over.

    I am 25 years old, i'm a qualified fitness instructor and a spinning instructor in my spare time (I teach 1 or 2 classes max per week for a local council organisation)
    I have acces to a gym at work, I work at a college in the UK and we have an excellent gym so go 3 times a week before work to do weights for 35 mins max and so far I've made some of the best progress of my life being able to do full body weight dips, 60kg squats and plyrometic push ups!

    So as I was saying I am 25 years old and I am a petite 5 foot tall, my weight about 122lbs (8 stone 10 pounds UK) i wear a UK size 8 or 10, occasionally a 6 depending where i shop (which is a US size 4 or 6) my waist is about 25 inches and i have a resonable amout of muscle mass. my problem is with my thighs, i know i am a pear shaped, carrying my excess weight in my hips, thighs and glutes, but i want to loose the extra 'fat' from here, and hopefully reduce the slight amount of celulite i have here also which is the bain of my life and really gets me down.

    i have been on a primal style diet now for about 2 months, but i know i need to really knuckle down and focus. i still drink, only weekends, maximum 2 - 3 drinks. i do a reasonable amount of cardio vascular exercise aswell, 2 sessions a week either spinning and or a 20 min sprint style workout.

    what i am thinking of trying now to loose the extra i dont want is taking dairy out, completely, also i was wondering if taking fruit out would make any difference. i eat a lot of meat and eggs, and a lot of vegatables, i also eat a bit of fruit every day, i stick to melon, berries, tangerines, sometimes bananas but i am thinking of taking them out also, peaches etc.

    any help and advice on what to do with my diet would really help, also any lower body exercises i can do that would improve my situation would help also.

    thank you

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    what is your body fat percentage?
    ~primal mama to 3~


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      i dont know, never had it done before