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Milk vs Coconut milk vs Almond milk?

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  • Milk vs Coconut milk vs Almond milk?

    Okay, I'm pretty confused. I'm trying to lose weight which has not really been happening, and I've been reading all about drop the dairy, drop the dairy, etc.... Now WHY is dairy so fattening? I know its made to fatten baby cows, etc, but why does it do that? Because it has sugar? Because it is inflammatory? combination of both?

    If its because it is inflammatory, then what about coconut milk? Coconut milk is extremely inflammatory, much more so than milk, so should I not eat that either?

    Almond milk is also bad, right? all those enzyme-inhibitors....

    I'm mainly asking the question because I can cut out pretty much all carbs and sugar from my diet, but I need something in my morning coffee. I've been trying to switch to coconut milk, but I don't like it nearly as much as cream or whole milk. Cream in my coffee is the only time I consume dairy, so I'm consuming very very little, is it really impeding my progress?

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    So use milk or half and half or heavy cream. Hell, I do. I used heavy cream at first but switched to half and half recently since it is cheaper. I continue to lose weight. It seems that the 'cut the dairy' mantra is for those who hit a plateau and can't lose with what they are doing, at which point you make whatever little change you can - cutting the dairy, eating no fruit, whatever - to give your body a boost/see what works for you.

    Sometimes it seems this forum (or some members of it) over-analyze food. Sometimes you eat because it is good. Cream in my coffee is good. That is all I need to know.


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      I think the main reason you want to exclude milk is because the protein in conventional milk (lactose) is hard for the body to digest because of the pasteurization process which removes lactase (the enzyme needed to properly digest lactose). If you stick to raw milk or raw dairy products you would be a lot better off. Pasteurized milk does show to cause inflammation in many individuals who have lactose and casein intolerance, even people with no known dairy allergies have shown in studies to show a rise in inflammation after consuming dairy. A lot of people in general and on this forum have said that after dropping dairy they lost a lot of puffiness around their body and bloating around the stomach.

      I prefer coconut milk over almond milk. Unless you have a specific allergy to coconut I don't see it being too inflammatory. Coconut has many anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that is normally very good for the gut. It is also filled with medium chained fatty acids which are pretty healthy saturated fats. Coconut milk and oil has been used in traditional diets all around the world most notably southeast Asia for hundreds of years, while cow's milk hasn't. Cow's milk has been used longer in countries where herding is in their culture, like the Swedish and Irish for example. Almond milk isn't too bad but then again it is derived from almonds. Too much nuts in the diet can skew your n3:n6 ratios.

      To answer the last part of your question. I don't think whole cream in your morning coffee is a huge issue. But overdoing it with a few glasses of milk and cheese on everything might be a lot if you are really trying to lose weight.
      "If man made it, don't eat it" - Jack Lallane

      People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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        I don't think coconut milk is inflammatory. I know the Inflammation Factor Rating from says it is, but I think that's just because they consider saturated fat to be inherently inflammatory. says that coconut reduces inflammation. I don't know what studies have been done directly on the subject, but I'd be fairly surprised if coconut milk or coconut oil turned out to be inflammatory. Lauric acid is well known to be anti-microbial and anti-fungal.


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          Post a sample of you daily diet and exercise.
          I'm willing to bet it's not the milk in you coffee that's holding you back.


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            I typically start the day with just coffee and cream with some stevia, except on the weekends I'll cook 3 eggs and 2 strips of bacon.

            I don't usually get hungry till about 1pm then I'll eat some stir-fry veggies made with Brussels sprouts, asparagus, turnip greens, etc. I like to grab random green vegetables that look good at the store for my stir frys. I stir fry it all with a good amount of bacon fat and soy sauce.

            I may eat a handful or so almonds as a snack if I get hungry later in the day, I've been trying to cut this out but I feel maybe its better to eat nuts than fruit as a snack.

            Dinner I may cook steak or some roast for dinner, I just got a 1/4 of a grass fed cow so I've been experimenting with cooking different cuts of meat. Then I may have some dark chocolate for desert.

            Exercise wise, I walk at least 45 min everyday to get to work, I used to run every other day but I've kinda been slacking on running since winters come. I got myself a pull up bar and have been attempting to train myself to do a pull up. I still can't do one yet, but I've been very sore for over the past month attempting to do one. I have to give the pull-up bar a rest for 3-7 days depending on how sore I may get. I haven't been sprinting much, Its been very cold here in chicago so once it warms up I'll be able to go outside and give sprinting a try.

            I haven't been measuring my portion sizes, so I really can't give accurate calorie counts.


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              If you're trying to completely avoid gluten grains and legumes, the soy sauce has both. Tamari doesn't have wheat. Some people don't mind that it has soy because it's fermented. I've heard a few folks here using coconut aminos as a replacement.


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                Originally posted by lizzychan5 View Post
                I haven't been measuring my portion sizes, so I really can't give accurate calorie counts.
                Now you can.
                FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal

                I don't care what anybody thinks, in a weight loss scenario, caloric intake is relevant.
                Most people underestimate what they take in and it's surprising how fast a little here and there adds up.

                Bacon fat.
                Almonds or nuts.
                Dark chocolate.
                Run your portions through fitday - be honest now - and see what you come up with.


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                  okay, I set up a fit day of what I've eaten and will eat today.

                  3 mugs of coffee - 7 cal
                  Cream, 1 oz - 39 cal

                  Brussels sprouts, 2 cups - 177 cal
                  Bacon Grease, 9 grams - 81 cal
                  Soy Sauce, 1 tablespoon - 8 cal

                  Almonds, 1/2 cup - 407 cal

                  New York Strip (I think its cut to 1/4" fat??) 0.5 lb - 429 cal
                  butter, 1 pat - 36 cal
                  SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Bar, 2 blocks - 148.7 cal

                  Total Calories = 1,333
                  62% fat
                  22% protein
                  16% carbs
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                    that looks good mostly, what is your size now and size your trying to become?

                    hows your organ meat intake? seaweed? oxtail/shank broth??

                    if i had to critique...too much coffee too many almonds and not enough dinner, IMO. maybe you could eat a well rounded dinner and nix the almonds

                    personally i would starve on that but i seem to be the one no one agrees with in regards to calorie intake
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                      I haven't eaten any organ meat yet, I love toasted seaweed, I get it every time I go to chinatown.
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                        Well if it were me, I'd be dropping the nuts and tripling the lean protein.
                        Slathering everything in bacon grease will do you no favors.
                        Worrying about what goes in your coffee is just splitting hairs.

                        If you really want it, start doing a 16/8 IF. Train harder.

                        That's what works for me. Your results may vary.


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                          I may be wrong

                          But having just read Marks book the second time, it seems like Dave_o is giving you half PB and half CW. the Fat is what makes you thin. It's insulin that makes you fat. Drop the stevia. That drives an insulin response. Are you walking or cycling for a long steady hour at 50%? I would up your fats. And 1300 cal is way too thin. O, wait, WE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO COUNT CALORIES!

                          Maybe it's because I just finished reading his book for the second time, but you should read it again, if you haven't read, read it!

                          Fat will push fat loss. Get more fatty (grass fed) meats, slather butter on your veggies, drink cream in your coffee, and have some more fruit and veggies. Add a big salad for lunch BIG with lots of veggie condiments! I would drop the chocolate, even though it's the better kind and all that, it's an indulgence and it's surely spiking your insulin.

                          Have it as a once in a while treat. Instead, get a big BIG bowl of fruit, berries and what ever is in season and pour some coconut cream (unsweetened) or heavy (organic, raw if you can get it) cream on it and enjoy!!!
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                          Psalms 144:15

                          Annie Sires

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                            id suggest widening your fat uses get coconut and olive oil into you so you get a balance cut out the soy and nuts maybe start taking a tsp/tbsp of godo quality fish oil...and raise the protein content! i have 10-16 oz of meat smack dab an hour or so after waking not saying you need so much but a good shot of protein in the morning does wonders for alot of people..and maybe try cutting the coffee out...personally i think anyone with weight issues should not be on something to give them energy...ur main focus should be on allowing your body the time to teach it to fuel itself so you dont NEED coffee...once you feel great everyday if you want to reintroduce it go for it until then the coffee is not allowing you to see what foods might be slowing you down and which foods will give you the biggest boost-hence food that digests well!


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                              I would cut out the nuts and see if that helps.

                              1/3 cup of almonds (a big handful for me) is 270 calories, not very filling, and it sets up a craving for just a couple more, maybe 1 more small handful, ok, ok, just 1 more handful they are good for me. 1000 calories later.......

                              I have to keep them out of my house, I find it very hard not to grab a couple while I am cooking or in the kitchen in general