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Backslid and put weight back on

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  • Backslid and put weight back on

    Been primal about 7 weeks now. Went from 177 to 162 as of Friday. Some cookies decided to commit suicide and the stupid gummy worms I bought from a school fundraiser in January (prior to primal) showed up Saturday. Resistance was low and scale said today 164. I ate the same as I have for the past 7 weeks all weekend except for the cookies (8) and gummy worms (tons of carbs) and I feel bloated and have two extra pounds.

    How common is this? Did the reintroduction of carbs cause me to retain water?

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    Yes, it most certainly is water retention. Don't sweat it.
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      The great thing about the minor slip and water retention, is it comes off fast when you get back down to eating right. I had a much bigger slide off the wagon, for a good week I ate basically the way I used to. I've been back on track for a few days now and am amazed at how much better I feel. Makes me that less likely to do it again tho!
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        Dude. Even if that was pure fat, it's two pounds. I'd hardly call that a backslide. Don't worry about it regardless, your weight's going to fluctuate sometimes.


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          yeah don't weigh yourself daily. That way madness lies.
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            Originally posted by geekgrrl View Post
            yeah don't weigh yourself daily. That way madness lies.
            Agreed. I got hooked into doing it because every time I did I lost weight and it was addicting to see the weight loss.

            Stupid carbs

            Stupid scale


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              Originally posted by dmac24 View Post
              Agreed. I got hooked into doing it because every time I did I lost weight and it was addicting to see the weight loss.
              I'd be reaaaally careful about that - it can be an incredibly destructive habit if you always take the number 'personally'. Maybe you should just weigh once a week if you feel like it's getting addictive.


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                Yes, don't weigh yourself daily. I am recently recovering from a couple weeks of scale watching mania. For me, weighing myself puts me in the "diet" mindset where all my success is measured in lbs and 1/2 lbs. When I came to my senses I realized that even though I hadn't lost weight and I slipped up and ate some carbs, my pants were still looser. I hid my scale.

                Hide your scale!!!
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                  When you eat low carb your glycogen supplies tend to be somewhere between not full and very low. If you introduce a lot of carbs at the same time (a massive amount of sugar will do nicely) your body will start replenish the glycogen its liver and muscles. The glycogen supply for a 150 lb male can be around a pound or more and glycogen is stored along with three to four times it's weight in water. Depleting glycogen is the cause for the "loss of water weight" that comes from eating low carb. When the glycogen supply is maxed out your body will tend to start storing more in the fat cells.