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  • Upping My Game! control what I eat no matter WHERE I am.

    I've been primal for months now, its great in many ways, but I often still eat whats 'available' when I'm away from home (where only good foods exist). It's easy to mess this part up. There's the strong biological pull to eat it, there's the people who only encourage you to eat it, and there's that voice in your head that finds excuses to just eat it. All in all, when away from home, and when surround by "tasty", addictive, drug-like foods for long enough its hard to resist (I'm sure others can relate?)

    So from now on, no matter where I am, no matter what is displayed, available, or offered I will not go for it.

    For me this is the ultimate test of ones self-discipline and really the final stage in mastering ones Palate. So its not happening again!
    One time

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    *high five*

    I'm totally with you on this. At home, I have no problems adhering to healthy foods. But when the bread basket hits the restaurant table... my head starts spinning! Same goes for bagels and doughnuts in the breakroom at work. It's akin to a recovering alcoholic trying to hang out at a bar. It often takes years of discipline to exclude the addictive item from your palate.

    I ate at a restaurant today with notoriously fresh, warm, buttery bread... and I resisted the temptation. My meal couldn't come quick enough! I felt empowered, and I'm thinking that each time we conquer the challenge we increase our chances of future success.


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      One thing that might help - I find that when I am actively reading pro-primal material, my desire for conventional foods disappears. Primal Blueprint, Paleo Solution, Good Calories Bad Calories, Why We Get Fat, and others - keep before my eyes and mind the realities of just how damaging grains and refined carbohydrates are, and I find resisting the poisons almost effortless.

      Good luck!
      42 yo female; 5'8"
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      Dec 2010: 167 lbs
      Current weight: 158 lbs (first time under 160 in 17 years!!!)
      Goal weight: 145 lbs