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Libido is the best it's ever been... a few things that have worked great.

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  • Libido is the best it's ever been... a few things that have worked great.

    I read Tim Ferris's book (4 Hour Body) and decided to give what he suggested a try. WOW. Holy shit. I haven't felt this good since high school. So... this is what he suggested and what worked:

    - Cold showers. What I do is take a normal hot shower and then turn down the water to cold at the end. I've seen this called the James Bond Shower. I looked it up on Wiki -- cold showers after a sauna do raise testosterone. It sucks while you're there (you get used to it), but you feel great after.
    - ZMA supplement. I've been sleeping much deeper, and as a result, having more vivid dreams.
    - Cut back on alcohol. I drink wine on the weekends. The restrivoral (sp) is helpful.
    - Lots of avocados, grass fed beef (it's not that expensive if you buy the cheaper cuts. You can get it for $5.99lb at Whole Foods), natural eggs (from a farm) with the yolk, nitrate free uncured bacon, raw coconut, grass fed butter, etc.
    - Sunlight and Vitamin D supplements
    - Heavy weight lifting with lots of pullups and pushups. Exercising for fitness, not weight loss.
    - All of these things led to more sex, which in and of itself raises testosterone

    Hopefully that helps.

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    How can I subtly get my boyfriend to start doing these things? LOL

    I've noticed a big increase in libido as well, which is more of a curse than a blessing for me. He couldn't even keep up with me before!


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      That also helps for us ladies as well cavemanj. Just saying. I feel your pain Jessibear. Been dealing with that all our marriage. Even though he is better now.