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Longshot - primal approved doctor in michigan

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  • Longshot - primal approved doctor in michigan

    Preferably west or central Michigan, does anyone know of one by chance?

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      As you say, it's a bit of a long shot, but that thread could become a worldwide sticky eventually

      (off topic) Back in France, I believe chiropractors are among the people who may be open to paleo/primal.
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        Good to know. There is a chiropractor here in town that I was recommended to, maybe I'll check them out.


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          Naturopathic physicians, or naturopaths, will also be much more open to this. (Look for "ND" behind their name, rather than "MD".) I knew mine would think the no sugar and no dairy was great, but I thought she might give me a hard time on the grains. Quite the contrary. She was DELIGHTED that I'm off grains -- agrees completely that they are so bad for our health. Her only question/concern was to make sure I'm not eating my meat raw. She's totally on board and has told me about four times now that I've already done so much of her work for her by changing my diet on my own.
          "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates