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  • Some Advice please

    Hi all

    Im new to going primal im type 1 diabetic and after reading the primal blueprint i think this is the way for me.
    Im trying to educate myself on the best fats to eat i was never really good with nutrition

    So if anyone good jump in with the best meats i could cook or point me in the right way i would be very grateful.


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    Well for starters, what kinds of meats do you most enjoy cooking and eating? Beef? Poultry? Fish? Others?

    When starting out on a new way of eating I think it's helpful to utilize the things you know you like and will want to eat, and there are many good sources of healthy fats from which to choose. My personal favorite is fish, especially salmon, and I don't like red meat which most of the PB community seems to adore.

    So, I say start with the meats you're automatically drawn to and start expanding from there.
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      Coconut oil. Coconut oil daily is a good idea. Check around for the various virgin coconut oil brands available to you and see what you like. Their tastes can be very different. If you search the MDA archives, you'll find lots of good information and recipes.


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        YES: Animal fats, coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil.

        NO: corn, soybean, safflower, cottonseed, canola or other vegetable oils that require large scale industrial methods to extract.
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          I hope you have Dr. Berstein's book; cured himself of Type I with low carb, paleo type diet.
          Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars. Official Web Site
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            Listen to moar Slayer


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              Meat fats are some of the easiest to work into your diet since you'll be eating s lot of meat. That being said, if you're getting fat from meat, do your best to make sure it's organic and fed with the proper diet. If you can't afford that (it's pretty darn expensive) then get leaner cuts of meat (the majority of bad things from improper diets are stored in the fat), supplement with fish oil (to offset the increased intake of omega-6s) and get your fats from coconut/olive oil, avocados and certain kinds of nut butters if you like (almond and cashew are best in my opinion).

              Hope that helps!

              P.S. Dairy is also a great source of fat, depending on your tolerance and weight loss goals.


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                I love pork and beef are these ok to eat, Also just wondering i read soewhere that i its bad to cook with olive oil is this true?