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First meat in around two years?

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  • First meat in around two years?

    So, this is really my second post here in the forum. I actually joined around the beginning of March but due to some other life events I had to put off my 'going primal' until now. For example, I found out I have a wheat/gluten sensitivity (I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone does to one extent or another, but mine was actually pretty pronounced) and wondered if I could cut out grains and remain vegan. Short answer - no, you can't. With that said, I'm excited to start on this journey I should've started a while ago.

    For my intro thread:

    Tl;dr - I'm an ex-vegan and today is the first day I'm going back on meat products. One of my good friends has told me about a couple places around to town to get organic, locally raised buffalo, beef, chickens and such. We live in South Dakota, so buffalo's probably gonna wind up as one of my staples.

    I'm busy shopping today (I love barefooting, but I need some Vibrams for the gym. They aren't too big on the shoeless idea ) but tonight I'm getting a buffalo steak, some liver and whatever else is looking tasty and I'm gonna get my primal nomnoms on for the first time. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

    Oh, and sorry if these seems like a really pointless thread. It's just that I'm still kinda new to all of this and a little over-excitable.

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    I’m pumped for you! Let us know how it goes. Warning: liver may be kinda tough at first, but give it the butter treatment and go to town! I think Steak is the best place to start though.
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      That's great news, Bacchanal. Happy eating, and let us know how you do!


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        Griff's the man on this blog to check out on gluten and PB.
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          So I paid a visit to a meat market and picked up a flat iron steak, some ground buffalo, some beef liver and some turkey legs ALREADY wrapped with bacon! I also paid a visit to another market and got some purely vegetable fed, cage-free chicken eggs.

          The market where I picked up the meats is a great place. They have a good selection of fish and birds, as well as lamb and some harder-to-find things like tongue or other organ meats. It's all reasonably priced for carrying organic, locally raised and processed things, too.

          Anyways, I just made and devoured the flat iron steak. Cooked it rather rare and topped it with some sauteed mushrooms and parsley. My choice of toppings is probably violating some etiquette rule for eating rare steaks but it worked out deliciously.

          I can't really describe the meal with any words besides heavenly. That had to be the best darned thing I've eaten in years. I felt a sort of sense of relief when I started eating, like my body's cries for nutrition had finally been answered and it could relax. Afterward, I had an uncomfortable 'heavy' feeling which I came to find out was a feeling of finally being sated for once. As a vegan, I never used to get that sort of 'fulfilled' feeling.

          I'm soo looking forwards to adding meat back into my diet. I know now that it's exactly what my body wanted. Thankfully, with a background in vegetarianism, I don't have to worry about not getting enough vegetables. I'm still eating plenty of those. This lifestyle is a godsend. I hate to sound so dramatic but mentally and emotionally I'm feeling great for the first time in a long while.

          Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take a cold shower and pretend that I'm bathing in a mountain stream. I'll probably let out some barbaric YAWPs while I do so. Love being primal.


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            I'm a recovering vegetarian as well. Sounds like you had a great experience
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