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How do I find a new doctor....with an open mind?...........................

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  • How do I find a new doctor....with an open mind?...........................

    so how do i go about finding a new doctor, who doesn't say a VAP is worthless, and always wants to jam statins down my throat? Is there a website, list, special letters after their name? something? of doctors who think outside of the box a bit.


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    I don't know about statins, but this list of low-carb doctors might be a good starting point:
    List Of Low-Carb Doctors

    The list of doctors by state is in the right hand column.
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      I second Jenny's post. This is where I found my new dr and she is great. After my first visit when I told her I follow Mark's Primal Blueprint, she went out and bought the book and read it. She said it's a great book and will be suggesting it to other patients. Of course it helps that she is a low-carb dr and focuses on diabetics and such.


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        Paleo Physicians Network
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          Most medical doctors will want to stay away from liability. If they see that your LDL's are over a certain number they will always recommend statins regardless of your HDL/LDL ratio. You don't have to take it of course, but if you end up getting a heart attack they have covered their own ass since they recommended a statin. They are protecting their license based on CW science that they learned in medical school.

          I have two uncles who are doctors. And they totally agree with my paleo diet and agree with getting proper LDL testing. But in order to protect their license and their practice, if someone comes in with LDL levels over 150 they will always recommend statins to avoid malpractice lawsuits if someone does happen to have a heart attack.

          My good friend who is paleo just was given a statins prescription. His HDL's were at 89 and his LDL's were at 180, which is a really solid ratio, almost 1:2. His cousin who goes to the same doctor has HDL of 19 and an LDL of 120 which is a far worse ratio 1:6, but she was given stellar reviews by her doc. Unless doctors start learning some new science in medical school it will be awhile until you get some that are "open minded".
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            If you can't find a doctor from one of the lists, then it will be a delicate dance I'm afraid. I moved in the last year and had no choice but to get a new doctor. I have an appointment in May and don't know how much dietary information I will be volunteering at my first history and physical. I have a history of high cholesterol even after a year of low carb and primal life style so the statin topic will probably come up. Can a doctor reject a new patient uf they sense they are not receptive to their advice? That's my fear.


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              awesome awesom awesome. thanks Jenny - found a guy 11 miles away, who while not a doctor seems liek a great resource and sounding board. thank you


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                Years ago I was seeing an internal medicine doc and I knew triglycerides were off the chart high, but didn't know why or what to do. She didn't want to look. I marked up by lab sheet myself to get her attention. Then she called me back in a bit of a panic and said to come back that week.

                She probably googled it, but she said "I think you have insulin resistance," and prescribed some kind of statin that was expensive.

                I hadn't heard of insulin resistance at the time, so I went out and bought a book about it, and "Syndrome X." Instead of taking the drug, I went VLC to see what would happen. I lost a few lb and felt better, so that was a help, but there was still too much wrong that I wouldn't know until later.

                At a followup in a couple of months, my doc looked again and said "Wow, I guess that (whatever it was) drug really brought this down." I go "Uh, yeah, stuff worked great!"



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                  Thanks for asking this question!
                  I've been wondering this myself and never even thought to ask here.


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                    I just asked my doc straight out, figuring he woukd give me grief, but to my surprise he agreed with much of the low carb philosophy (I wasn't primal yet). I pay the docs, so if I don't think we are compatible, I move on. Also, you can call/write and ask to find out if the doc is x,y,z friendly, and they will let you know.
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                      In my experience, dietitians and nutritionalists (CW types) have been a lot more problematic that doctors. They just tout the same nonsense like a bunch of parrots. "So you see, fat has more calories per gram that carbs or protien, so you must avoid fat..."

                      The most open minded are nurses. I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and some of them picked up on my own "big and unhealthy to normal" story, and they knew my BP and blood work. Several of them stopped by to ask for advice. By the time I got out, we were having low carb tag ups in my room, haha!

                      The dumbest one was the hospital dietician. I was giving her grief about this post surgery soft food diet, just gross..milk, some fake shake with HFCS, jello with food coloring and sugar, orange juice.. Just amazing. I passed on just about everything. She was giving me some lecture about needing carbs, and I didn't want to mention it, but she was about 40lb over herself....