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  • oil or water

    New to this lifestyle, and was wondering which id better oil or water for tuna or sardine packing and why? Any help ok.

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    I buy tuna packed in water because I've read that the oil they use is either cottonseed oil or soybean oil. I think it usually just says vegetable oil. Sardines, I get either in olive oil or mustard.


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      Get the tuna packed in water. You can then add healthy fats to it of your choosing.
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        The tuna and sardines I see at Whole Foods are normally packaged in either olive oil or water. I still select the cans in pure water and add my own oils into the mix after if needed.
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          For tuna, I buy it in spring water. However, the sardines say olive oil so I do that, but now on second thought maybe I should just add my own olive oil so I know for sure, but it does taste and look olive oil. I prefer the Crown Prince brand for sardines. Yum!!


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            Thank all of you!!!!!


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              The tuna I buy at WF has no oil or water in it at all. When I do buy another brand, I buy it in water and add my own fats. I do buy Crown Prince sardines in olive oil. They're fine.