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grains & panic attacks?

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  • grains & panic attacks?

    While I've been Primal for a year now, fully committed, I mentioned somewhere, recently I had started eating oatmeal. And then that seemed to trigger a want for rice. And then a piece of toast here & there..

    This lasted about a week, and I had very small amounts of all. And yet, I started getting moody and sad all over again. Huge grump. My hands started to swell. These past few days of being primal only, have had me completely exhausted all over again.

    But in the week of eating grains, I've had 2 panic attacks. Something that hasn't happened to me since the 10th grade at least! One because I was so dehydrated (primal= all food hates my guts, haha), and the other staring at leftover sausages about an hour ago. Basically, over completely ordinary things.

    *also, I feel so completely tired that I'm really not sure if any of this made sense hahah.

    SO, longg explanation basically for me to ask, is it the grains that are causing my pounding heart, red face & shaking? Or is just from being dehydrated that has me shaking? Or both? hahah.
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    Yes, the grains are causing your anxiety and phyiscal discomfort.

    I just got totally browbeaten by my doctor about having some grain "cheats" lately. I was complaining that my anxiety and depression were back, brain fog and lack of energy. I wanted to look into an anti-depressant. She wants me to ditch the crap for 6 weeks and come back and talk to her. She figures I won't feel the need to explore drug therapy.

    I already know she's right. Two weeks of strict clean eating has me feeling energetic, calm, and mentally balanced.

    No more "cheating" for me.
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      Could be. I suffered from anxiety and depression since I was 14 about the time I remember my gut starting to give me trouble.

      Your gut sounds broken. You also sound celiac but I have no way of confirming that and don't necessarily think it matters. You already know the answer. Be patient. Don't beat yourself up. You can fix yourself on your own but a good Dr or Functional Medicine specialist can help a lot.


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        Panic attacks are physical not psychological in origin even though they can be slightly exacerbated by psychological input. Before my celiac disease was diagnosed I used to have frequent panic attacks. Hell compared to the type of mental clarity I enjoy now I basically was in a nonstop panic attack for about 15 years (save while doped out on heavy benzodiazapenes). Years of cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacological intervention and it turned out it was simply a matter of mental control from the USDA.
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