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I'm so confused: Primal, Paleo, PaNu, CaveGirl.... oh my gosh...

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  • I'm so confused: Primal, Paleo, PaNu, CaveGirl.... oh my gosh...

    I read that heavy cream is "diesel" to start my day/avoid dairy; avoid nightshades/eat nightshades; don't count calories/keep track; eat until full/stay a little hungry; eat nuts/eat nuts sparingly. Holy Cow. I thought this was going to be easier than counting every gram of what I eat like I have for years. And, in the meantime, while I'm trying to read everything (incl. Why We Get Fat, and What To Do About It; Primal Blueprint, etc.)... I'm slowly gaining weight. Eat less, eat more? How do I know if I don't weigh & measure. Increast fat %... uh, how do I know percentage if I don't measure somehow? I refuse to give up. If I continue gaining, I'll regroup and start weighing/measuring/documenting. OK, rant over. I'll keep on reading, cooking, eating, adjusting...... and, hopefully at some point start losing fat (5'5, 149#'s, 64y/o). Sherry
    ps-yes I work out, I'd say "moderately", no heavy cardio...
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    The problem with everything is that the sample set - the human lifespan - is so incredibly complex. I'd honestly be surprised if any one "lifestyle" was 100% ideal. Lots of choices people make are to correct or adapt to their individual situations - some people are affected by nightshades and dairy; some aren't. Some people avoid pork and beef because of livestock handling ethics. Some people are zero carb carnivores, some are veggie heavy pescatarians.

    Right now it comes back to the old psychologist standby: How does it make you feel?
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      My advice is read the book and ignore the forums. Once you have the basic concepts down see how it works. If you have specific question at that point consult the forum.

      The double-edge sword of primal seems to be it's flexibility. I can eat heavy cream and lose weight. Others can't lose weight without cutting dairy. I am not bothered by grain but do not eat it. Others getting crippling stomach pain if they eat it. Others eat starchy veg with great results. Others go very low carb. All are primal. That is the great flexibility. It also leads to confusion. So like with anything, get the basics down (read the book) and then tweak to find what works for you (this is where the forums rock) yeah...what carlh said. I should really have read his reply first lol.


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        Hi Sherry, it's difficult to come up with a blanket answer to this, when everyone has a different body, a different food culture, different activity levels, hormone levels etc. And, everyone has different priorities, too. If losing fat is an urgent priority for you, the surest way I have ever seen is to ditch everything except meat, eggs, and non-starchy vegetables. Then, fill your plate with veggies at every meal, and then add your animal protein. Do this for a while, without counting/tracking your food OR your weight and measurements. Let's say 3 weeks minimum. Then, if you want to experiment with dairy, nuts, fruits, etc and you don't mind risking slowing down your fat loss progress, add things back a little at a time, one thing at a time and see if that makes a difference for you. I know the for myself, I can maintain my weight very well eating some dairy, some nuts, and occasionally some fruit, but I don't lose that way. It may be different for other people.
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          Originally posted by canio6 View Post
 yeah...what carlh said. I should really have read his reply first lol.
          I love when people validate my inane ramblings. Whew. It either means that I'm not insane or that we're both equally insane. Works for me. <3
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            People like to over-complicate it. Really.

            Here's my opinion, in a nutshell: if you can hunt it or gather it in nature, it's food. Primal is about how good your life can be. It's about eating foods you like and doing things you enjoy -- and getting healthy in the process! (sun, play, sex, etc.)

            Longer version:

            You can't eat 4000 calories a day and expect to lose weight just by restricting carbs (unless you're doing a lot of athletic activity, or you have a ton of lean body mass, in which case it could be appropriate). I've tried. Eat to satiety. The cool thing about PB is that your body will tell you when it's hungry, and it will tell you when it's full. Plus, are you going to sit on your couch and eat 1200 calories in hard-boiled eggs? No. Could you sit on your couch and eat 1200 calories of bon-bons? Hell yes. The absolute KEY is you need a deficit -- but not a HUGE deficit. If you're overweight, eating primally should create enough of a deficit compared to where you were before. If you're already very lean it's a different issue. However, a PB diet should be enough to take correct an overweight person's situation.

            Also, be reasonable about your potions. I'm the kind of guy who could eat 20oz of steak in a sitting. However, if only 8oz is in front of me, I'll eat that and be satisfied. So, I will prepare a meal of 8oz steak, some broccoli, and a slice of butter. If I want more food after I eat that around a half hour later, I'll have more. Usually I don't.

            Primal isn't Atkins. It might be lower carb than a standard American diet, but that doesn't mean don't eat carbs ever. Personally, I eat potatoes pretty liberally because I lift weights. And because they're delicious and I like them.

            Higher quality foods, such as organic produce or grass fed beef, provide better results. You're consuming healthier organisms.

            Heavy cream to start the day... I just drink black coffee. I'm too lazy to avoid nightshades or find out what they are.

            Finally, your actual "weight" might not change that much, or that quickly, but your body composition might be changing. My results got much better when I stopped obsessing over things and just did the basics. Critically, I focus on fitness rather than weight (this is hard to do, I know).
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              like carlh mentioned do what works for you. i do count calories, mainly to see my ratio between fats, carbs and protein. i seem to feel the best when i eat 65-70% fat, 25-30% protein and about 10% carbs. my carbs range from 25 to 85 grams a day. i use i do not input my info daily, but i do it about 3 times a week just to see where i am. i lift twice a week and walk about three hours a week, i am a recovering chronic runner so i do some running as well. . . i cannot help it.


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                Honeslty you got to tinker your diet, your self. Learn from your mistakes, and you feel good about it afterward.


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                  Thanks, junebu8, a plan... I can do that. Thanks (and to everyone who took the time to reply).


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                    I appreciate your time.... thx, Sherry


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                      Thanks, cavemanj, I do appreciate you taking time to give me advice. Seems like I've been "dieting" my whole life. Maybe THAT'S the problem. Anyway, I'll do as you and junexxx suggested. I discovered I can freeze my heavy cream. I'll freeze what I have left, re-start with the simple stuff, give it 3-4 weeks and see what gives. I've done a number 20-week figure competitor diets.... so this should be a "piece of steak" (not cake... hahahah).


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                        Amen for this post.

                        I wish I could go back three months. Back to when I simply cut out grains and dropped 10lbs and felt like a million dollars almost instantly. Back before coconut oil and grass-fed butter and $10 wild-caught salmon fillets and eating windows and WWGF and GCGC and VLC and LHT...


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                          I felt the same way when I switched. Last summer I lost 25 pounds on Medifast (a low carb/low calorie diet) and switched to primal in August. I too felt very confused about the don't count calories / calories matter or the "eat all the fat you want" or the "eat lots of nuts, dairy" etc. I'm one of those people who can't hear her stomach talk so the "eat until satiety" made no sense to me - I just keep eating and eating. So, after about 8 months of playing around (and gaining 6 pounds) I have settled on a primal diet that works FOR ME. It might not work for you, but it seems to be working for me.

                          When I transitioned, I ate a lot of nuts (love nuts) but learned that I quickly gain weight if I eat nuts. So, nuts were out. Next I learned that I couldn't eat a massive breakfast and a massive lunch and a massive dinner even though people say "calories don't count". Next I learned that I could eat a large breakfast and a large lunch if I don't eat again until breakfast (intemittent fasting). That's what seems to work for me (I love love love the feeling of being really full since I basically starved myself for the previous 20 years). I also learned that a lot of dairy (love cheese) stalls weight loss for me (getting the 6 pounds off).

                          I wish there was a one-size-fits-all diet but that got all of us in trouble with SAD. 60% carbs don't make about 25% of Americans sick (reference, Eades and De Vany) but it does make the other 75% sick (is it a surprise that the estimate of overweight Americans is 75%?) I think the same thing works for primal - what works for me might not work for you. And assuming it will gets us in trouble.


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                            Originally posted by canio6 View Post
                            My advice is read the book and ignore the forums. Once you have the basic concepts down see how it works. If you have specific question at that point consult the forum.


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                              I'm a perpetual dieter myself, and I feel your pain! It's REALLY easy to get caught up in all the different blogs and the forum posts and what Everyone Else Is Doing But Wait Should I Do That Too? but when you start to feel overwhelmed -- just get back to the basics. It sounds like you're already headed down that path, so good for you. Once you get the simple stuff down and start to see results, THEN you can start tinkering with your diet or workout week-by-week. I, sadly, still suffer from the "I want to try X Y AND Z this week! Oh shit, I just gained 4 pounds" syndrome, but I am working on curbing my enthusiasm. I'm still doing better than before... at least now there's only 3 likely causes of my issues rather than 15.

                              Anyway, good luck to you!
                              5'6" 27 y/o female, Primal 6 months and counting.

                              CW: 160 -- in single-digit dress sizes for the first time in 12 years!

                              GW: 150 -- for swimsuit season