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  • Review of New Diet Revolution

    This article should be of interest to many of you:

    Atkin’s New Diet Revolution: Under Investigation | Burn The Fat Blog - Tom Venuto.

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    The diet begins with an induction phase (ranging from 2-36 weeks) limiting carbohydrate intake to only 20 g/d.
    That is just plain wrong. It is 20g net carbs with 12-15g net carbs coming from a large list of non starchy foundation veg. When I did Induction I ate about 50g total carbs. Fiber is deducted.

    For most Induction is recommended for two weeks and up to 6 months if they are very obese. Induction goes a long way in ridding the food cravings and uncontrolled hunger.

    The consumption of fruit, bread, pasta, grains, starchy vegetables, and dairy other than cheese, cream or butter are prohibited in this phase of the diet.
    Avocado is allowed even in Induction as is lemon and lime. If we get technical peppers, cucumbers etc are fruits and allowed.

    The diet is a low carbohydrate high fat diet with no restrictions on fat intake.
    It is generally recommended that women start at 1500-1800 calories and men 1800-2000 daily. So to say there is no fat restriction is not quite true. A person's weight etc is also taken into consideration. A female weighing 120 lbs will have lower energy needs than a female weighing 220 lbs. And a older woman may need less than the 1500 due to age, activity, menopause and medications etc.

    Then, comes the maintenance phase, where dieters generally consume between 40-90 g carbohydrates
    I am in maintenance and eat 75-125g net carbs per day plus the addition of fiber which is generally 35-45g. I know some that can't eat beyond 25-30g net carbs and others that eat as much as 140g net carbs following Atkins.

    In many cases low carbohydrate diets provide lower than recommended intakes of vitamin E, vitamin A, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and dietary fiber (Freedman, et al., 2001). Under these circumstances supplementation is needed.
    Like most diets, ways of eating, lifestyles, approaches etc supplements are often recommended and with Atkins the same applies. They recommend at least taking a multi and fish oil. Supplementing with fiber such as psyllium or flax meal if constipated.

    Another important consideration is the water loss that occurs with the Atkins plan. In the early stages of the diet you can expect a substantial loss in water (due to glycogen depletion, for every gram of glycogen you store you also store 2.8 – 3.5 grams of water).
    With most diets in the first week or two water weight is often lost once people cut the junk in favour of real food. In the two weeks I did Induction I lost 9 lbs then averaged 2 lbs weekly thereafter until reaching my goal. I never had a plateau.

    The book that is recommended to be followed due to updates is The New Atkins for A New You.
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