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    I bought a big head of bok choy for a stir fry. I used about half for the stir fry, but I've got a lot left that I need to do something with. What are some primal uses for bok choy? anyone use this veggie in anything other than a stir fry?

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    You might be able to put some in a coconut curry dish as well as your stir-frys.
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      I consider it one of the veggies best for a rice substitute when you want a bed of something under a protein serving. The way I usually do it is to saute it in bacon fat or olive oil with a little garlic, green onion or shallot until wilted. It can even be grilled or braised all the way to having its edges browned a bit like you would with green onion and is very tasty like that. When I have extra like you do, I throw it, chopped, into a freezer bag and then can just grab a handful to add variety to more dishes later.


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        Google Bok Choy recipes and you'll come up with dozen of recipes you can make into primal dishes by using coconut oil, etc. I love the mild flavor. My favorite, in line with Balance's reply, is saute in coconut oil, throw in come curry, (and a little GF whole cream makes it really delicious), &/or toss in some bacon bits. You can do the same with white cabbage. My favorite veg dish.
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          Bok Choy is a filler veg. You can do just about anything with it. I use if mostly for stir frys, but it can be a rice substitute, a lettus sub on a burger, salad, grilled. Anything you would use other greens for.


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            Thanks so much for the suggestions guys! Slacker, when you use it as a rice substitute, are you grating or mincing it to get it more "rice-like" or are you just chopping/dicing it into larger chunks?