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  • Calorie intake?

    I understand the purpose of Primal eating however I'm curious to know how many calories everyone else seems to be eating?

    I'm 145lb 5'9 female and I think I'm eating too much.
    Im having breakfast at 4.45am every morning, usually and egg and steak or some other meat and not having anything else accept green tea and water until 12 followed with salad, fruit and chicken.
    While afternoon snack involves homemade protein bar (which I found on MDA) and 50g trail mix and dinner is often meat and salad/vegies.

    For exercise I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and have just taken up bikram yoga.
    My calorie intake tends to be around 1600-1700 sometimes more. I haven't gained weight and have lost a couple of lbs however I still think Im eating too much, any thoughts?

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    I'm 50, 5"8, male, and struggle to stay under 200. If I ate that much, I would be huge!

    Everyone is different and many things can affect it. I take meds for hypothyroid, and keep testosterone at 1,100, but still can't eat too much.

    I would move the snack to mid morning and do less fruit, and less in the evening.


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      You are a good weight and not gaining. You should just keep eating as you are. Good, isn't it?
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        DFH, did you mean 2000 calories? 200 is... well... uhh...


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          Originally posted by Dualhammers View Post
          DFH, did you mean 2000 calories? 200 is... well... uhh...
          Haha. I meant 200 lb. I was 310+ before going VLC and getting thyroid sorted out. I don't think my metabolism is 100%, maybe still .6-.8 of what it should be. I don't do 3 full meals a day, and working it off just doesn't help. Tried that over and over. I could be that it will always be that way. I still read a lot and watch forums like this for clues, but so far nothing that works.


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            I'm a hair's breadth under 5'9" and at 1600-1700 calories I'll lose weight if I'm also working out. If I'm being a lazy ass, I can maintain pretty effortlessly averaging that calorie level...I think it's about what I come out at naturally eating to satiety. Maybe a couple hundred calories higher....

            If things are working for you (ie, you are look/feel/perform like you want to), then don't stress about the details. Eat nutrient dense foods to satiety. Tinker with calorie counts/macro's/etc if you are trying to do something specific, like lean out, gain mass, etc.
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              I am 40 years old, 5'9", around 150 lbs for some time now. I can maintain at around 1800-2000, but have to eat below that, at around 1600 to see any noticeable fat loss. My carbs are kept pretty low most days, at around 50g, sometimes less. There are days that I eat more, maybe up to 150g, if I decide to splurge. I tried doing a binge day once per week to see if it spurred any additional fat loss, but after about 4 weeks, I didn't notice any real change.


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                I'm 5'9 and started out at 145 lbs. when I first went low carb/primal. I was athletic and slim at that weight, and based on your activities, I assume you are too? Anyway, that wouldn't have been too much food for me then; and it isn't too much for me now and I'm a good 10 pounds lighter these days. I don't understand why you would think its "too much" though. Is your stomach hurting because you are packing it full beyond what you desire? If no, then you're good. Get rid of this calories in calories out CW nonsense. It really is nonsense. Calories may have more meaning if you are eating pears or potatoes or "primal" desserts, but, if you're not, you don't need to be too cerebral about the amount of food. I totally understand this initial mistrust in letting your body balance out the right amount of fat for itself, but it will, given a low amount of carbohydrates. Its that simple. Yum, enjoy your steak.


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                  If you're losing weight then you're not eating too much. Actually that's a bit of an oversimplification. If you're concerned about your fat levels use your waist measurement as your guide. If you're concerned about your muscle levels then weight is a good measure. When you're working out and trying to lose weight it's easy to lose fat and gain muscle negating any change in weight (sometimes increasing it!) however your body dimensions will surely change and this is why waist circumference is a much better measure for your "fattiness".
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                    I'm 5'1.5"- 5'3" (depending on which convenience store I'm leaving), and 120 lb. My body actually naturally calorie cycles. I'll have 1-2 days of eating MAYBE 600-900 calories, then 2-3 days of eating 1800-2300 cal, then a day of eating everything in sight (call it 2700 cal), then it'll start over. When it's all said and done, it averages out to 1750 cal/ day. I'm not trying to lose weight, but my body seems to be maintaining pretty happily on that. Granted, I'm on thyroid meds as well, so that does factor in.
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                      I'm 5'10", 31 years old, 175-180lbs, and I can maintain at 2800 calories a day. I exercise 3 days a week, and walk a lot. Hill sprints, chinups and pushups.

                      This being said, if I eat 2800 calories a day, and include dairy in my diet, I gain weight.

                      I was 220lbs with no muscle on the SAD, eating 2000 calories a day.



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                        I'm 5'4", 24, currently 175 lbs (down from 192). I lose ~2-3 lbs per week eating 1700-1800 calories/day. I usually have a few days that are closer to 2500-2800, a few that are lower, 700-900, and it all evens out. I'm reasonably active, do lots of walking, strength training 2x per week. etc. But I'd say that 1700 is definitely not too much, especially if you're not gaining.


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                          i hate these threads lol, everyone is different. age and background dieting play a huge role. i am an inch shorter than the OP and eat twice her calories and i have been the same weight for 6 months
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