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    Does anyone on this forum have their kiddos on this lifestyle. My 14 month old son has extremely bad eczema and I have read a lot that going paleo/primal has cleared up a lot of people of eczema. Has anyone had experience with this and what would you give your children? Thanks!

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    I have a seven year old boy and a 2 1/2 year old girl and they eat about half primal. For dinner we all eat primal, whatever I am cooking that night. Breakfast is sometimes primal for them, eggs, bacon, sausage on the weekends. Weekdays are more tough and they still eat oatmeal and yogurt fruit smoothies, mostly because my son just does not like the coconut flour pancakes I like to make for myself. Lunches unfortunately are still non-primal for them. They get sandwiches and fruit and crackers and things like that. Mostly because I haven't figured out how to pack primal lunches for kids who don't have access to a refrigerator or a microwave during the day. I would have no problem feeding my kids 100% primal if I could swing it.
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      try mark's banana almond butter pancakes - delicious! We're in the same situation - lunches are tricky, but I use gluten-free biscuits and bars where possible (a small step in a better direction) and they have a box of salad, an ice brick keeps it cool. No meat though, I want real cold for that in this weather.

      I think it's worthwhile to consider your key issues and work on them first. With eczema I seem to remember wheat gluten is an issue though I might be wrong. For some people with diabetes in the family, dropping sugar might be a bigger issue.

      My approach has been trying to introduce little bits of more primal foods (hard because they had very bad, bland eating habits before) for example adding a topping of coconut flakes and nuts to cereals, a bit of coconut milk in the smoothies. I've tried using some fine dessicated coconut in oatmeal, I like it (I use half and half rice porridge plus coconut) myself but my kids aren't fond of it. (if you try it, use extra liquid).

      school lunches are so frustrating, anything prepackaged is full of either sugar or salt.
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        Be very careful trailing any nuts! If baby already has eczema I would be very careful with the top 8 allergens, that includes dairy, eggs, nuts, and fish.

        My children have food allergies and it all started as eczema. I am moving them more and more to primal, even though my son cannot eat dairy, eggs, or nuts. Little man still has brown rice bread for breakfast while my girls have eggs and bacon. But lunch and dinner we all eat the same thing.


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          PALEO KID QUEST - PART 1 - by Patty Ruiz - Paleo Chronicles
          The above link might be helpful to some...there are 2 parts to it
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            my guy just eats what we eat. yesterday, we had burgers with guac and broccoli/tomato salad for dinner; for lunch we had left over chicken salad with our greens; for breakfast we had eggs, bacon, and veggies, plus DS had berries and fruit. DS also had apples with nut butter and a banana throughout the day.

            he's 2.5, but he's pretty much always eaten like this.


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              Originally posted by zoebird View Post
              my guy just eats what we eat. yesterday, we had burgers with guac and broccoli/tomato salad for dinner; for lunch we had left over chicken salad with our greens; for breakfast we had eggs, bacon, and veggies, plus DS had berries and fruit. DS also had apples with nut butter and a banana throughout the day.

              he's 2.5, but he's pretty much always eaten like this.
              Same for my 2.5 year old son, but he still eats steel-cut oats for breakfast sometimes and drinks milk.


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                All my 3 kids eat Primally. And they LOVE it! My 7 yo is a garbage gut, she will beg for more. My 3 yo is learning to like it all after a few months of grumbling. The baby, well, he's 15 months and is just like his sister and will eat just about anything. It does take some time for them to be open to new tastes and textures and no bread. I think that has been the hardest for them is the bread. But, we must be doing something right when tonight my 3 yo ate 2 tacos in a leaf of Boston bibb lettuce.

                They have been very hungry lately so I have been trying to pump up their fat and protein intake hoping that will do the trick and so far so good!


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                  My 2.5 yr old son is primal, but fussy. Generally I'm a take it or leave it kind of Mamma, but I'm weaning him off his bottle to a sippy cup right now (we're on our third day replacing his morning bottle with a cup and he totally refused to drink any of it..argh), so I'm accommodating him with primal foods he likes. He loves salmon cakes, and cake cakes which is an egg mixed with some mashed sweet potato and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. I fry it in coconut oil and it reminds me of french toast. Very tasty. He used to eat hamburger with sauce (chimi churri from argentina--frikkin awesome stuff), but for some reason he's decided he doesn't like it anymore so I'll add some hamburger to his cake cakes and he never knows it's there! ahahahahahaha!
                  He loooves apples and talks about them all the time. Sometimes when he's in his room I hear him longingly say, 'apple". I only give it to him once or twice a week because he won't eat anything else.
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                    My kids eat mostly primal - because I am the one cooking for them We have no processed foods in the house etc.
                    But, they still go to granny's, or their dad's, and school - I don't police them and they have begun to make their own choices that I approve of!


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                      I am the primary "Chef" in the house....the wife doesn't like to cook and that is fine. She is SO busy with everything else around here. So, I am able to get some Primal food down my four's throats. Like a few weeks ago I made a Meatza for dinner and they all liked it. Surprisingly, the wife who is pretty much a primal agnostic (some old hats on here may remember my thread about our last argument over PB where she called it a "cult")...liked the Meatza the best.

                      However, 2 of my four kids live at my ex-wife's house part of the time. And she is ...let's just say...NOT at all health conscience (i.e. she still smokes). So, while they are there I cant get any good primal food down their throats. But they are talking to me about 13 year old daughter asks a lot of questions and I am really getting some good primal advice in to her mind as well as helping shape a healthy body image for her (i.e. there is NO talk of anyone being FAT allowed. She is not fat and my wife and I bend over backwards to avoid the improper image that is being put in her mind from TV and elsewhere today. It is sooooo hard on girls at that age!).

                      Also, I read a lot about gluten intolerance and ADHD/Autism in kids today. Studies are starting to come out showing that this may be the cause of those diseases/disabilities. My son has ADHD (he's my step-son actually but his father passed away and I have been in his life since he was 1.5yrs old as the only father figure). I have talked to my wife about it but the problem I am having is I cant get her to go Primal. If she wont do it....I cant make anyone else try it...especially her boy. I would really like to see if it helped him with his ADHD but I know I have to convince the wife first. And she is not convinced yet.

                      So, that is where we are at currently. I keep hoping maybe she will come around as I get further down my primal road (Im 25 lbs down from starting) and she is "stuck in the mud" with her CW diet (she is doing weight watchers and hovering at 10lbs down from her starting weight. She says its because she constantly cheats on the diet. I know, she cheats because of the insulin monster and having to restrict calories + getting carb cravings).

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                        I haven't read all of the responses but Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary is a wonderful blog for going primal with kids!


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                          I have had my DD on Primal since early Feb. She is doing quite well on it, and it's getting easier/more natural to feed her. For a while I had to try to figure out what the heck to give her, now that we don't eat mac n cheese, hot pockets, and spaghettios. She enjoys copious fruit, moderate veggies, and some critter. She also enjoys cheese and greek yogurt. My mom is in town & accidentally gave her toast this morning (cuz hubby won't give up his mistress, Sara Lee), but oh well. 20% anyone?
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