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BCAA's for women

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  • BCAA's for women

    Anyone take them and if so how often and how much?

    This was briefly mentioned on another thread, but wondering what others think.

    From Kelda (on another thread)
    "Art De Vany talks about 5 - 10 g BCAA per meal for females until they have reached their goal weight/body composition - I don't know anything about brands though (I'm in the UK anyway so it probably wouldn't help much) aids feeling sated and stops cravings as it provides the brain with what it wants. I'm not sure how that equates to replacing gs of protein though!"
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    I bought some huge tubs of bcaa from holland and barrett (very cheap) but its in powder form. I would advise you to buy the tablets as the powder is very chalky when mixed in water. It also tends to froth a lot (i think this is leucine which tends to sit on the top of the liquid like a weird foam). It tastes disgusting and even when mixed into a fruit smoothy it just ruins an otherwise good smoothy. I cant really remember the details but i do remember seeing other stuff saying that bcaas are the real good stuff in terms of protein as they are very bioavailable. I think thats why they satiate you as they can be absorbed very quickly vs other protein sources. I think if you search bcaa content foods then you will find how much of a particular food source you would need to recreate taking 5 gm of bcaas.


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      Thank you! I don't think I get enough protein and have a hard time stomaching the amount I need so I would like to supplement with BCAAs. I think it might be why I am tired more than I should be. Thanks for the advice on the tablets. That seems to be the general consensus.