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Getting Started with the PB in re: Weight Loss

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  • Getting Started with the PB in re: Weight Loss

    Hey everybody,
    I'm new to posting on MDA and had a question about nutrition that I thought you all could help me with.

    I've just discovered primal living and have been really into it in the last couple weeks. First off, I'm 24, a graduate student, pretty athletic and active, approximately 5'10'' and weigh between 150 and 165 (and have since I was about 16). I've always been really lean and have never worried about putting on weight and certainly don't need to lose any. In fact, I've pretty much eaten whatever I wanted my entire life and haven't gained or lost much weight at all. I've eaten a lot of red meat, a lot of chicken, gone through periods where I eat a ton of whole grains and fiber, but haven't seen much difference one way or the other. My question about the PB and the carb-question is this:

    I've done a lot of reading about low-carb and primal eating, including Taubes and others as well as watching videos and other things. A lot of low-carb pitches seem to target those who need to lose weight, but I don't, and really just want to be healthy and build a little muscle. Is it still necessary to severely restrict carb intake? Is it as simple as eating natural fruits, vegetables and healthy fats/protein? I guess my main thing is not wanting to lose weight and become really skinny.

    Any insight you primal vets could give would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    I find you need to see what works for you. I'm still trying to lose weight so it's tough for me to say.

    In my opinion, however, if your body processes carbs well and you're trying to maintain weight rather than lose, you can be a little more liberal with your fruits, veggies, and starches.


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      No need to restrict carbs... just restrict the grains and sugar and legumes. You can even enjoy white rice once in a while. Just eat real food. And if you're looking to put on muscle weight, there have been threads on that recently, and bunch of posters are into intermittent fasting leangains-style / fasted workouts / carb refeeds for that.