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    I still eat some dairy, and I read that plain greek yogurt is a good source of protein, so I thought I would try some. A few months ago I bought the only brand of plain greek yogurt available where I buy groceries (I live in a small town), the brand was Oikos (spelling?) and the store only had the fat free kind. It was awful, very sour. I had to add fruit and sweetner in order to eat it.

    A few weeks ago I noticed my grocery store now carries the Fage, but they only had the fat free kind, so I gave it a pass. A few days ago I looked and they had Fage 2%, so I thought I would give it a try, thinking the fat would improve the taste. While it was much much better plain than the first brand I tried, it was still hard for me to eat it without adding any sweetener. But then I realized how much like sour cream it tasted....

    I added it to scrambled eggs - I cooked the eggs almost done and added a spoonful of greek yogurt to them then finished scrambling. Yummy.

    I put some on a baked potato (I still eat them about 2/week). Yummy.

    Thinking I will try a little on a sweet potato.....

    Knowing my luck, they will probably stop carrying it. Always seems to happen
    As much as I love small town/rural life, the limited availability of some items (there are 3 grocery stores - 2 Food Lions and 1 Super Walmart) really sucks. I am able to find more "primal" items at the Walmart (Thai Kitchens Coconut milk, Fage 2%) than the Food Lion, but it is still pretty limited.

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    Full-fat yogurt is so much tastier than lower-fat varieties. Whole-milk plain yogurt is the only kind that I can eat without sweetener. If you want the thick, Greek-style texture in a whole-milk yogurt, buy regular whole-milk yogurt and strain it through a cheesecloth until it's the texture you want.


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      They only carry fat free plain regular yogurt I guess they follow the CW sales figures and only sale what the majority buy. Which is why I am worried the Fage 2% will not last.


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        YouTube - How to make Greek Yogurt

        You will never look at grocery store yogurt again.

        I haven't used the starter he recommends, instead I use cup of the previous batch (or any decent live-culture yogurt, doesn't have to be Greek). Also, my oven doesn't register temps down to 100 so I wrap in towels and leave the oven light on for the resting/yoging period - works perfectly.


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          Making your own yogurt is pretty simple, you just need to:

          heat some whole milk to 185 (optionally keep it there for 5 minutes for a thicker consistency, but my temp control's not that good)
          let it cool to 110 (put your pot in a sink full of water)
          add your culture (any commercial yogurt with "live and active cultures" will do, 2-3 Tbs per half gallon of milk)
          stir well so that the culture is evenly dispersed
          leave it undisturbed at 110 for 7-12 hours
          bottle your yogurt, and put it in the fridge!

          Regarding the incubation: 110 is the "ideal" temperature, you don't want to go too much higher (115 is probably ok), lower temps will just mean that it will take longer. It should be at least 97 or so, though. If you're lucky (I am), your oven with the pilot light will be about the right temp, otherwise other people have had success by putting the pot on an electric blanket and throwing a blanket over the whole thing. If you do this you'd obviously want to test to figure out which heat setting to use.


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            I use full fat and it tastes very sour. I like to put it in a blender with some raw mango, makes a delicious combo.


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              Yeah I live in a small city (the size of a large american town, I'm in Canada) and I wish I could go back to living in a town. Back to the topic, we only get the fat free greek yogurt here too, but the taste grows on you.
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                If you ever go out of town and find the Fage Total... so good.