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I Finally Convinced My Mom! Advice on how to move forward??

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  • I Finally Convinced My Mom! Advice on how to move forward??

    Today, in a terribly touching moment between me and my mom, she decided - with tears in her eyes, to go primal. As cheesy at it sounds, I feel like this will change her life as greatly as it has mine.

    She suffers from chronic pain (one of her back plates is cracked, another just gone), rheumatoid arthritis, pre-alzhiemers, and severe depression/anxiety. Recently her medication was stolen - and because of the recent string of local teenage deaths from prescription meds, her prescription was cut in half. When I came in today, she was so frustrated because she can hardly function with the amount of pain she is.

    Needless to say, today she met her breaking point, and when she said there were no solutions - I reminded her there was something to at least help - changing her eating habits. She agreed, and I am THRILLED. But I know her recovery will be much different than mine.

    She is 52 - with all the issues I stated before. She eats very, very little - but it's mostly comprised of carbs. Ie: A whole day of intake is a piece of bread and almond butter. I figure the carb-flu won't be awful because of this, but still there.

    I am making broth tonight to replenish electrolytes and such, but am not sure what else I need to watch for/extra supplements? She takes a bunch, but I think with her current diet (and LACK of vitamins because she consumes so little) she is not receiving the amount of benefit she could be.

    Other fifty year old women, your advice is needed! Or other chronic pain sufferers - would be especially helpful. I have heard a lot of people don't have arthritis/joint pain anymore, and others have lost the need for meds.

    What were your initial struggles? What helped the most? What were the initial changes that you saw? What do you wish you had known? How does your diet differ from the typical PB'er (us young'ins that is..)?
    By the way, while weight loss is a welcome benefit, it is obviously NOT the reason.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated! I will be cooking all her meals, but just want to do it right, because our needs are bound to be different.

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    Sorry to hear your mom is suffering so much, but what a gift and responsibility for you to be able to help improve her health.

    If she really wants to recover from her health problems - please add fish oil and Vit D supplements. She needs to add good quality fats to every meal - butter, or olive oil, or coconut oil or animal fats. No vegetables without added fats! Eggs are highly nutritious for body and brain. Daily bone broths for rebuilding bones and joints. Eliminate all inflammatory vegetable oils. NO GRAINS period. Some red wine, a little dark chocolate for the anti-inflammatory properties.

    I am 54 and have been eating primal over a year now. I am completely free of all previous joint pain and tendonitis. it took a few months, but it has been great. I don't think I eat any different from younger primals. When I learned that the lectins or phytates from grains would bind to minerals making them impossible to absorb, I felt so much better about doing this as I head into menopause - a time when I will need all the calcium I can absorb to keep my bones strong and healthy.

    If your mom isn't prioritizing sleep, that should be number two on her to do list.

    I also have to say I was shocked to hear she is only eating one piece of bread with some almond butter per day. That is not enough to sustain a 52 year old woman. Even if she ate the same amount of calories in a primal food form, that is no where near enough food to get adequate nutrition. Are you sure she doesn't have an eating disorder? You may be up against a bigger problem than just an inflammatory diet.....


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      Thanks so much for your response and insight! It is great to hear success stories. I almost can't believe that she might be free of a lot of her pain! Vitamin D is added, but I DO need to re-order fish oil. Should I spend the extra money to get the really good stuff? I don't supplement a whole lot because I eat fish/very little omega 6 so I haven't read up a whole lot on what is best..

      And she DID have insomnia, but I fixed that a few months back with supplements! It sure does help a lot.. so hopefully the diet will smooth everything over.

      No - definitely NOT any eating disorder. To be honest, I think it comes from her depression and pain - she cannot get the energy to get up and make food. When she eats with me (which is rare), she definitely eats a LOT. Not afraid of food (fat/CW bad stuff) or anything. Hopefully I don't sound too defensive myself, but as someone who's had eating disorders, I can tell you it's anything but!


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        I don't know how much difference there is in fish oils. I used to get the big bottle of fish oil caps from Costco that was very inexpensive but consumer reports said they were a good brand (for whatever that's worth). At this point, your mother's diet has been so omega 3 deficient for so long, she probably needs a good 6 - 12 months of daily supplementation of about 3 caps per day.

        I wish you both the best. I look forward to hearing about whether her depression and anxiety and overall well being improve soon. I would expect that those mood problems would start to clear up faster than her deteriorated joints and bones. You don't say what country you live in. If you are in the northern hem - then you can look forward to lengthening days and increased sunlight. When it becomes possible, advise her to sunbathe, because Vit D made in the skin is more complex than the supplement form and may be more effective. Plus the sunlight has very positive effects on mood and energy!


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          Pre-Alzheimers at 52? Are you sure? She's on pain meds - anything else?


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            Barb, I can't thank you enough for your support! I will definitely keep tabs on this, I am as excited to see how much it improves. When did your pain start to disappear?

            Originally posted by aktres View Post
            Pre-Alzheimers at 52? Are you sure? She's on pain meds - anything else?
            Her doctors have confirmed it, and her memory would seem to suggest it, although I hardly trust doctors with anything.
            She is on pain meds, klonopin, and anti-anxiety (although until the recent pain-med issue, she had stopped using these).


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              Wow. 52. Isn't it strange to be in this position? We are healing ourselves. We see the evidence all around us on this forum and other blogs that this works. It's irresistable not to try and haul others into the lifeboat. But half the time people think we're crazy when we try to explain it. You're lucky your mom has an open mind. I think this will do wonders. Good for you. Have you had her D levels checked, and how much is she taking? I think that would be key.


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                It is strange, I am just happy we have a close enough connection AND she has watched me transform enough to be open to it. She is really the only one I have been adamant (or even tried to convince) simply because of her intense health issues. And I agree! I am so thrilled to give this sense of life to someone.
                Yes, Vitamin D - she's taking about 4,000 IU's. But I know the sunshine up here has a horrible effect on her, we came from the Southwest to Oregon.


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                  4000 is good. I would get her levels checked, she might need more but it's hard to say without testing.


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                    Vitamin D is added, but I DO need to re-order fish oil. Should I spend the extra money to get the really good stuff?
                    I recommend Mercola Krill Oil for women which has Evening Primrose added. I saw a reduction in my inflammation from osteoarthritis when I started taking it. Not enough to prevent the need for a hip replacement but it bought me some time and it sounds like your mom could use all the relief she can get!

                    Good luck.


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                      Add coconut oil to your mom's diet.

                      This doctor gave it to her husband who at 53 was showing signs of Alzheimers.

                      Coconut Oil and Alzheimer?s Disease | Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health - USA



                      Her website.
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                        I'm in my 60s, and the higher fat diet, lower carb, primal way of life is her only salvation from the list you gave. We were not meant to age into pill-popping misery. Oldsters can learn just fine--if they want to. But breaking a life-time of bad habits takes support; glad she has you there to help.
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                          Originally posted by Digby View Post
                          Oldsters can learn just fine--if they want to. But breaking a life-time of bad habits takes support; glad she has you there to help.
                          Make sure to motivate and educate your mum as well , watch things like 'Fathead ' and ' Food Matters ' with her , they really opened up my mums eyes !


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                            wow what a lot to contend with. I send you luck and hope for the future. I am looking forward to hearing your success story soon