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non-primal partner and sugar

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  • non-primal partner and sugar

    Ok two things....
    First, my partner is not primal in any way. He eats grains, sugar, dairy, everything, constantly. It wasn't hard for a while but now I am struggling to say no to all the treats! How do you all say no to all the junk??

    Second, sometimes I like a piece of gum just to freshen up my breath. However, whenever I eat gum it gives me massive sugar cravings. Whenever I chew gum I eventually have to have chocolate or something sweet. If I don't chew gum then after a week or so cravings stop. But I want fresh breath! Anyone have ideas for fresh breath when you can't brush? And anyone having sugar cravings after chewing gum??

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    Hi there
    I can sympathize with you on the partner not being primal, I am sure many of the members here can. I am not sure how long you have been primal but I can say that I don't feel tempted very often by his food. He eats whatever I cook but adds in lots of non primal extras. I used to be seriously tempted by them and would have to leave the room and keep busy but these days I actually feel more repulsed by them than tempted. In the old days, I would also use primal treats to get me through those times and I still do occasionally but generally that kind of food just doesn't do it for me anymore.
    Re the gum and fresh breath thing, what about a few sprigs of herbs such as mint or parsley? Would that help?


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      Hang in there, getting over wanting sugar is hard. I still struggle with it for me what seems to be working is letting myself have some fruit to satisfy my urges for something sweet. As for freshening your breath up I like to chew on anise seeds they taste a bit sweet and like licorice and help with bad breath. A few fresh mint leaves like Tarosuma suggested also help for me and taste yummy.
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        I third the mint idea for me


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          Fennel seeds are chewed after eating in some counties to both freshen breath and to promote good digestion. They have a fresh anise like taste too. (you can even buy them candy coated, but thats hardly helpful!)