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    I am just coming off being a vegetarian for 10 years and venturing into steak. I have a place that sells grass-fed beef, but where I'm clueless is what are all the different types and what is the best to buy to the worst to buy? I saw top sirloin, t-bone, new york something, and I can't remember what other kinds.
    What kind do you buy? Why? Any that you avoid? If so, why?

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    Depends on how you want to cook it

    I like filet mignon best (tenderloin) but it is pricey
    I also like New York strip
    Tri-tip is good if it is not over cooked but it is not usually a steak cut

    T-bone is the "classic steak" but doesnt tend to be one of my favorites.
    Top sirloin I tend to find rather tough although ok for stirfries
    Flank should be used for something like fajitas

    stew meat is sold precut and it is tempting to use for a stirfry but dont. It is a tough cut. On the other hand dont use a more tender cut in a stew, the slow slow cooking of a stew melts the tough fat and makes the stew better.

    Anything labled "roast" should be slow roasted, crockpot cooked or braised.
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      Good advice from Runnergal. Beyond that, I would say ask the butcher. And experiment. :-)
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        Ribeye is my favorite. It has a good deal of fat which makes it taste incredibly good and juicy. It is pretty easy to cook and doesn't tend to get tough or rubbery if you mess up and cook it too long like the other cuts that are leaner.

        I also use beef short ribs or beef shank for my bone broth stews since they have a lot of bone which is great for a good mineral rich bone broth. (great for digestion!)

        Also, you can't go wrong with grass fed ground beef. So many options with ground beef. If you are going grass fed then get the fattier cuts. In all cases, if you happen to have conventional meat (non-grass fed) then make sure you get the leaner cuts of meat because of the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios. Grass fed beef has a ratio of 1:3 o3:06 while conventional meat can be as much as 1:10 or more.

        I also agree with Hedonist to ask your butcher. If they are legit butchers than they will be happy to give you advice on what types of uses each cut is best for.
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          ..helpful, aren't I?..


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            RIB EYE!!! With nothing but S&P and maybe some butter on top.

            And chuck roast is amazing in the Grok Pot.
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              Ribeye is the most delicious, IMO. New York Strip Steak is almost as good, but has less fat (we like fat). Porterhouse is the King of Steaks, a combo of both (sometimes called T-Bone). If you go to Peter Luger you will get Porterhouse, doused in butter. These are pricey and special. Skirt steak is delicious, and cheaper. This is the kind of steak used for fajitas. Hangar steak is cheaper still and tasty, but a bit tougher. All of these I've listed are the steaks that are good for grilling medium rare.

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              I had bone marrow for dinner, never tried it before. Not quite a fan yet. But mmmmm, steak!
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                If you can find Chuck Eye, get it!!! my butcher told me about it. Thats my favorite secret ever. Seriously-- its the first steak that I didn't totally mess up and the first one that gave me the 'melty' experience!

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                  Rump is the best. Cook it no more than medium rare.
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                    Thanks everyone. Mark's post today had this helpful link in it too, good timing.
                    How to Cook the Perfect Steak | Mark's Daily Apple


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                      Ribeye for me too. It can also be called delmonico.


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                        Originally posted by Nomad1 View Post
                        Thanks everyone. Mark's post today had this helpful link in it too, good timing.
                        How to Cook the Perfect Steak | Mark's Daily Apple
                        Aha! That's how we know he's reading the forum.


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                          Rib Eye. Then go to Youtube and look up the Alton Brown steak method. Win-win.


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                            I say go for the Rib-eye. As a former veggie, you'll probably not want to eat very rare steak for a while (just an assumption, based on my own experience returning from the veggie side), and fattier steaks like rib-eye can handle being cooked to medium or medium-well more than a leaner cut can be. Definitely stay away from eye of round until you're very comfortable cooking beef AND can handle rare meat. I'm still no good at eye round roasts.

                            Yaish, how do you amend AB's steak method to not use liquid oil for cooking? My mom tried this when I was first changing to primal/traditional eating and the use of canola oil gave me the creeps.

                            Edit: when I cook steak I take a cast iron skillet and put it over medium-high heat (my gas range is numbered 1-10 and I put it on 7 or 8) and then melt some clarified butter in the pan. When it's melted and kind of ripples, I put the steak in and don't touch it for at least 2 minutes. Then, I flip it and sear for 2 minutes on the other side. I like it rare, but if you want it more cooked, you can transfer the whole thing to a medium-hot oven until it's as done as you like it. I check doneness by the poke method. Well done is the firmness of the fleshy area on the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger when you're making a fist; rare is that area when your hand is relaxed. Medium is somewhere in between.
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                              Melantha, I butter fry my steak. I haven't had any problem with burning or smoke. If you do, you might try ghee as it has a higher smoke point.