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Alternative protein sources and dairy

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  • Alternative protein sources and dairy

    Are cream cheese and yogurt decent sources of protein? What other non-meat yet paleo/primal sources of protein are there?

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    I think that yogurt is a reasonable source, as well as almonds. Adding protein supplements to smoothies, etc can also up your protein intake.


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      EGGS! Cottage cheese, macadamia nuts...
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        Will you eat fish? That would be ideal(well, for this question).

        Eggs, milk, nuts will get you some protein. Milk-derived protein powders would also help.

        Real meat would still be much better, though.

        Knowing why you would like to avoid meat will help us come up with work-arounds.
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          First trimester food aversions. They seem to be a big issue for me at the moment. I used to eat a lot of meat in general and had no issues with fish or eggs and now I do. So for the time being I am looking for ways to get in my protein and help me avoid succumbing to things like bagels.


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            Ah, that's reassuring. Less than ideal protein for a relatively short time is much less worrisome than indefinitely. Also, I'm far from an expert in this area, but I think the body uses some tricks to take care of itself during pregnancy, I think it's where ECG(?) came from.

            Relying on nuts, eggs, dairy, etc. for this time shouldn't be an issue, I wouldn't think.
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              Yeah, it's just started hitting me pretty hard the past few days and while I was never a fan of dairy before it seems to be almost all I can manage to stomach for now. I just didn't expect it to be so hard to stay paleo while pregnant!


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                Cheese is a pretty good source of protein if you can tolerate it. Greek yogurt isn't a bad source of protein. Eggs if you can tolerate them (I've heard they're a common aversion). Have you tried different kinds of meat? Is it a texture thing, a taste thing, or a mental thing? If it's texture, you might try different cuts, like ground beef rather than steak, or jerky or something. If it's taste, you might try different meats, like turkey or lamb instead of beef, or even chicken, or maybe fish. If it's mental, yeah, dairy can be sufficient for protein needs. As long as you're still gaining on the right schedule and getting enough fat (and maybe folate), you shouldn't be harming your child.

                Weird as it sounds, you might try liver. Chicken liver has good amounts of folate, and since it's so nutrient-dense, you don't have to eat a lot of it to be beneficial. A lot of people will advise against liver because of vitamin A and "toxicity" but if you're getting livers from properly-raised chickens, they shouldn't accumulate toxins, only nutrition. And since you're pregnant, your body may recognize that it needs more of these nutrients and make you enjoy the liver.


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                  What about whey and hemp protein powder?
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