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    Jimmy Moore has invited me to be a guest on his informal "Low-Carb Conversations" podcast. One of the reasons he wants to talk to me is that I have had problems losing weight on low-carb diets.

    So, I thought that if you are a woman over fifty and you too are having a hard time losing weight, are they any specific questions or issues you want me to bring up on the podcast if there is time?

    I really hope that talking about how hard it is for some of us women "of a certain age" to lose weight will help. Thanks!
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    I'm not over fifty yet (but I'm quickly approaching LOL) and I'm curious what the hormonal effect is... I mean, what is going on that causes our bodies to refuse to let go of fat? It's obviously not insulin if we're eating VLC, so what gives? Is there anything we can do about it (safely...)? Because almost every woman I've ever seen (except those blessed with that super slim genetic type) seem to start looking "thick" in middle age... not necessarily "fat" but "thick" (and even the super skinnies start looking more padded.)


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      I'm in that group. I wear very small sizes, extra small shirts, size 2-4 jeans. I have a GUT. It shows in all my pictures and drives me NUTS. No matter what, I cannot seem to shed it. It is exhausting dealing with it. @45 years old this year, I am so determined to get rid of it. I feel like I look good, but whenever I see pictures of me, THERE IT IS. It totally makes me so down when I see it.


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        Having been an apple shape all of my adult post child-bearing years I personally can't attribute the waistline expansion to anything other than my Endomorphic body type. At 52 & alreally fully post menopausal I have noticed however that weight just doesn't budge the way it used to. At least when I was still having periods I could shed the weight fairly easily once I put my mind to it. I think hormones (or lack of) are entirely to blame.

        Questions suggestions:
        Are there any proven ways to increase metabolism?
        Are any of the supplements or medications we may be on causing a resistance to weight loss? Examples like hormone replacement therapy, high blood pressure meds, Glucosamine, Vitamin b12...etc.

        Have fun on the podcast and do us mature gals proud! (wink) Where / when can we listen in?
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          Not for me really, but "joining in"

          I suppose one question is just "is this something you have to accept"??

          (That it gets harder, that you may not be able to budge a belly, that its "time to be satisfied with what you've got", that you have to calorie restrict, whatever.)

          Overall the question I would pose...... "what can we DO about it"?? Suspect the answer will be "it depends", cos it always, always is


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            I'm in my 60s and each decade has meant I had to do more to get less effect. Evolutionary biology ceased to be our friend when food became plentiful and ever more refined. If I ate what I eat now, and exercised at the level I have for almost thirty years, when I was say 25, they would have had to put me in hospital for anorexia (a term not in use when I was 25). I also think women have far more variability in our metabolisms than we generally appreciate. Some women get away with a diet that would make me weight 400lbs in short order. It's not fair, but it is what it is.
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              I was tracking calories and that worked great, now I'm IFing a 'la LeanSaloon, which makes it much easier to maintain a calorie deficit--I'm still losing my belly fat at 48--just a few pounds to go. Used Progesterone cream for the last year to deal with my estrogen dominance and my hormones seem to be sorting themselves out, so that is likely contributing. The fat loss is slow, but steady.

              Eating vlc for 2 months also helped me kick my carb addiction.
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                I am not overweight, but on the borderline between normal weight and overweight. I too have some belly fat.

                I was on the primal blueprint diet for a year before I began to lose weight. I lost five pounds in a short time when I eliminated nuts. I think the PUFAs in nuts were holding back my weight loss.

                I am 57.


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                  I think that the podcast will be aired on Friday, April 8. I'll provide a link here when I am sure. I'm one of a few guests, so I don't know if I can get all my comments in.