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Nutrition facts on meat?

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  • Nutrition facts on meat?

    When i look up steak or lamb or pork on i get all these options on 0" trimmed or 1/8" trimmed , lean or seperable this or that...none of that is really on the lable on the package and each option is different how do i know what im looking for? What does all tht mean is there a "meat table" out there in the internet somewhre?

    For example, i buy a pound of london broil, how do i know which meat to click on on nutriondata?

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    "Separable Lean and Fat" simply means that the meat has visible fat on it. "1/4 and "1/8" simply describes how much fat has been trimmed off by the butcher.
    "Separable Lean Only" means that the meat has no visible fat, but will still have some fat inside the meat.

    If your London Broil has any noticeable fat on it (i.e.. the fat is usually on the side of the meat and it is white, but can be throughout the meat--->such as a boneless ribeye), then choose "separable lean and fat". If the London Broil is all red, and no noticeable fat, then choose lean only.


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      Bear in mind you'll only get a very approximate value, as every beast is different

      At least you're in the "right" country - I've no idea what English cuts of meat approximate to on American sites