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ideas for a weight gain shake?

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  • ideas for a weight gain shake?

    hey guys, i need some input for a weight gain shake that i could consume twice a day (9:00am and 3:00pm)
    I do heavy manual labor from 6:30am till about 5 to 6pm. And i lift heavy weights a couple of times a week.
    Im trying to put on about 5 to 10lbs of muscle (or at least maintain what i have)
    I eat a big breakfast/lunch/supper, but i burn sooo many calories during the day, its still not enough calories.
    If i could consume a shake with my 9am and 3pm break (we only take a 5 min break, so theres no time for food)
    I need the shake to have plenty of fat protein and carbs, but all i keep seeing online for weight gaining shakes is people adding oatmeal or a shit load of fruit for their carb source. I dont eat oatmeal and for fruit i pretty much only eat berries (and they are not very calorie dense)
    So i guess finding the right carb source to incorporate in my shake is the biggest issue. Fats and proteins in not a problem.
    Sorry to make this thread sooo long.
    I guess finding the right type of carb source for the shake is the tricky part.

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    Rice syrup is all glucose, no fructose.

    I'll bet that a well-baked sweet potato would blend up pretty nicely, too.



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      I mix Eggs , Honey and Water ......its got all your looking for and doesn't taste too shabby
      100g of Egg contains 9.3 g protein , 3.3 g Fat , 1.3 g Carbs ( 133 calories )...according to the label on the egg carton ,
      1Tbsp Honey contains 15g Carbs ( 60 calories ) , according to Honey Nutrition Facts


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        quart of milk, two scoops whey protein isolate (unflavored), two tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp honey and / or 1 banana, coconut milk as desired. Blend well and get it all down on days you need a calorie surplus. This is about 1/2 Paleo, 1/2 standard bodybuilder stuff. Helps me gain about 1 lb / week mostly muscle.
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          If looking for carbs, I would rather use rice/corn (not HFCS, but Karo or similar) syrup as Gordo said, since they're all glucose. As for the rest of the shake Richard Nikoley's Liquid Fat Bomb is pretty promising: 4 oz heavy cream, 4-5 oz coconut milk, splenda (use syrup instead), 1 egg, 1 Tbsp vanilla extract for taste. 850 cal, plus whatever carbs you add.


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            Originally posted by gordo View Post

            I'll bet that a well-baked sweet potato would blend up pretty nicely, too.
            I was also going to suggest this.
            Along with egg yolks (they have 1/2 the protein of the egg, practically all the nutrition, and (most importantly) none of the anti-nutrients--raw egg whites are not so great b/c of the lectins). Like, LOTS of egg yolks. The cholesterol will help you make testosterone, too. Coconut oil and creamed coconut would be good. Creamed coconut (plain, as in: no sugar added) has a ton of calories: This is a more natural, completely paleo version. No dairy or fructose needed, though I'm not against entirely against dairy (it's a good weight gain hack, if necessary).
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              some great ideas for me to work with... thanx :-)