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Eating fat without carbs makes me nauseous--why?

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  • Eating fat without carbs makes me nauseous--why?

    Since I've given up grains, legumes and sugar this week, I've noticed that when I eat a breakfast of, say, a couple of eggs fried in coconut oil and a sausage patty, I get nauseous.

    I never had this problem when I would consume the exact same breakfast with a slice of toast and a glass of orange juice. Why does eating fatty food on its own cause a problem, but eating it with carbs doesn't?

    I didn't eat low-fat before giving up grains, legumes and sugar. In fact, I've never really eaten low-fat. I like fat!

    Is there a scientific explanation for it?

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    I don't know what the scientific reason would be for that, but I used to experience the exact same thing. It took a while for my body to get used to it. I can now eat lots of fat at a sitting and feel totally normal. I do however get a bit nauseous if I eat too much coconut oil. I can't consume more that two TBLS before I feel icky.
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      Same thing happens to me but it is MUCH worse with coconut oil than with bacon grease or butter.

      Combination of giving up coconut oil for eggs and backing off fatty meat for breakfast has helped (steak instead of sausage). Also I find adding some veggie helps a lot...especially raw or minimally cooked.

      It still happens from time to time.
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        I would think coconut oil is the culprit. In the beginning coconut oil made me very sick, it encourages die-off in people with candida - if that's an issue for you. I started slow, increasing by 1 tsp every day (or every few days).
        Also, I can't remember the term, but I know especially with leaky gut it has the same sort of "die-off" effects, and it's also encouraged to start very slow. The first time I cooked a soup with coconut oil for the family - everyone got sick and thought there had been food poisoning!
        Now, I slather my food in coconut oil and yesterday even ate about 1/5 of my coconut oil raw, with absolutely no tummy troubles! I also make that same soup with no side-effects.

        But as always, everyone is different, and it's important to try a lot of different solutions and figure out what is working best for you.


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          I would just give it time. When you make significant diet changes, even good ones, a lot of things can happen that are hard to explain.

          I'm not a fan of all of the things people do on PB. I don't do sausages, milk, yoghurt, butter, or bacon. I think the higher fat stuff makes me feel a bit uneasy too so I just minimize it.


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            It doesn't always involve coconut oil (I was just giving an example)-- I have the same issue with bacon and scrambled eggs fried in the bacon grease (whether I eat it at breakfast or at suppertime). The only time I consume coconut oil is when I fry something like porkchops or eggs (I never eat it just off a spoon like some people do), but I will be more careful how much coconut oil I use.

            Veggies at breakfast... I guess I'll give it a go, but it certainly doesn't appeal to me. I'm not a big veggie eater, and before PB, I suppose grains filled that "slot" in my diet. It figures that the veggies I like the most are in the nightshade family which is supposedly also bad--tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes--I'm not giving them up yet, since I like so few vegetables anyway. I like salad greens, onions, cucumbers and broccoli (cooked), and cabbage in stir-fry or coleslaw, but the idea of them for breakfast is strange to me. And I can only eat so much salad in a day. I'm unfortunately a very picky eater. Hate sweet potatoes, beets, radishes, squash of all types except zucchini, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sauerkraut. Hopefully my tastes will change as I go along on this.

            I think I will try backing off the fatty meat a bit. I'm getting to the point that just the idea of eating fat is making me nauseous! I think it's so weird that I can eat a baked potato drowning in butter and not be bothered at all, but if I ate that butter by itself I would get sick.

            Back to the coconut oil issue: I have been using the refined (flavorless) coconut oil because I don't like the taste of coconut but I wanted the health benefits. If the refined stuff is horrible for me, though, I might just ditch it altogether and use butter instead. Do you all see coconut oil as necessary in a primal diet?

            Thanks for your suggestions/encouragement!


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              Coconut oil isn't necessary for a Primal diet. Butter is nicer with eggs my opinon of course.


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                Any gallbladder issues? Refined coconut oil won't hurt you.

                I use to despise sweet potato so I cut them in wedges and sprinkle with chili powder, onion and garlic. Pour on some olive oil and roast until tender. Now I can roast them without the chili powder.


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                  "in the beginning coconut oil made me very sick, it encourages die-off in people with candida"

                  I think that happened to me. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Should I try using coconut oil again? Just beginning slow? Is it better if it's cooked? I have the virgin coconut oil, can I use it for low to medium heat cooking?
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                    Originally posted by Hilde View Post
                    "in the beginning coconut oil made me very sick, it encourages die-off in people with candida"

                    I think that happened to me. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Should I try using coconut oil again? Just beginning slow? Is it better if it's cooked? I have the virgin coconut oil, can I use it for low to medium heat cooking?
                    It's a good thing, trust me! Die-off + LC flu sucks, but it's necessary for healing!
                    Medium-high heat is usually standard for coconut oil, I get virgin as well (and unrefined).
                    Just gradually increase, and get through it! Eventually you won't have an issue.. unless you actually are allergic to it (watch out for the different symptoms, you definitely KNOW when you're allergic!)

                    Sorry to OP for hijacking for a moment!


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                      Your gall bladder is detoxing. Takes a while. Take a little at a time and gradually increase.


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                        Don't worry about nightshades unless you have specific nightshade linked issues (joint pains, etc).

                        I've read deep ketosis can cause nausea in some people--if you search on low carb boards you'll see its a commonly asked question.

                        Like others, I've had nausea from even small amounts of coconut oil at times (I can do more now) and eggs. I actually really need to avoid eggs b/c they make me so nauseous. I never had a problem w/ them pre-primal though (I think I WAY overdid it and caused intolerance issues when I first started--eating 3-6 eggs a day...)

                        Just sharing my experience in case its helpful!
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                          i am going to say candida die-off too. it took me a long time to ramp up my coconut oil when i was actively using it to treat my candida overgrowth.


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                            Thanks, everyone!


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                              Sometimes I'll sautee some red cabbage in olive oil and/or butter, throw in a few eggs and scramble it all up. After its on the plate, put a little organic salsa and it's soooo good! Red cabbage has a lot of health benefits too!