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    I know that eating whole food is always recommended, but have any of you ever tried making this before?

    Amazing High Protein Recipes and Jack3d Review | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

    Scroll down to "Introducing Protein Fluff" and it describes how to make it. I have made it the past 2 nights (not using the milk) and haven't got it to fluff up. I am wondering if there is a primal spin I can put on this and get it to fluff.

    Its my treat in the evening now, and keep the fat loss in full swing. But if i would get more fluffiness and volume that would make it even better.
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    2% milk or heavy (whipping) cream will fluff the best, the specific protein powder you use will probably affect volume.


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      I end up beating the HWC until stiff. I then fold in protein powder. It just never worked for me blending the 2 together. I use Mark's Primal Fuel.


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        Thats a great idea. Thanks guys.


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          Well I gave it a shot last night with heavy whipping cream, and didn't get it to fluff successfully.

          I used 100% micellar casein protein, heavy whipping cream, some water, and 120g of frozen blueberries. I also chilled my bowl and mixing utensils.

          I ended up freezing it and it tastes amazing, but this fluff stuff is turning out to be difficult.


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            love fluff. best with ON Casein + milk.