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been primal (i think!) for 6 weeks now and need some pointers please!

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  • been primal (i think!) for 6 weeks now and need some pointers please!

    hey to all,

    I have now been following the primal blueprint to the best of what i can for around the last 6 weeks now and i love it.

    Some brief background first though:
    I suffered for years with stomach problems i had a hiatus hernia and barratts osphegus as well as a reflux problem (spelling is terrible so i appologise at the start!). Anyway i had a nissan fundoplication for the hiatus hernia and the barratts which helped both massively but ever since i had terrible issues with my digestive system and bloating and stomach problems. I would need the toilet at a whims notice and would be going SO many times a day and sometimes without notice at all which was highly embarrasing as i am only 28 and at the time was 24 when this started post surgery. Doctors tested and tested and said there was nothing wrong medically with me and then just put it down to IBS. i tried all sorts but nothing worked i spent all day every day looking like i was 6 months pregnant and it was awful.

    Anyway i then found the PB and started to follow it this year. I cut out all grains and pasta and such items the only thing i still eat that maybe isnt quite primal is some greek yoghurt to go with my fruit and nuts but i didnt think this was too far off the track as i have also cut out sugar and sweets and chocolate and baked goods and pastries.

    Anyway 6 weeks on i feel so much better for it i have more energy i sleep better and i have started to lean out (although not as much as i would have thought by now to be honest i am around 5,11 tall and am of slim build but just seem to have enough stomach fat to hide those ever elusive abs!) but i have still got one issue.

    I still seem to have a very bloated lower stomach that starts around an inch above my belly button and then goes down a couple of inches (if that makes sesne for the general area im talking about!) the top of my stomach is perfectly flat and great and im finally happy with that but i cant seem to shift the bottom part of the issue.

    My diet is pretty much as wide a range of veg as i can eat and very often i will stir fry the veg in exra virgin olive oil and have either chicken, turkey, pork or fish with it. I have salad and meat for lunch normally and for breakfast i will occasionally have sausage and eggs or just a fruit and nut salad. I tend to eat maybe 2-3 pieces of fruit a day towards my carb count as i have a very active job and i lift weights three times a week so i figured this would be ok. I tend to have more meals on my lifting days and up my protein intake on these days too but otherwise i just eat a pretty steady diet day in day out. I havent slipped and had sugar or desert and the only carbs i have had have been the occasional couple of small roast potatoes wiht a roast dinner.

    Can anyone give me any pointers as to what may be causing my bloating issue or if they think that i am eating too much fruit or whether the yoghurt has to be ditched (although i would miss it a lot as i dont even drink milk anymore or eat cheese really).

    I havent really ever stopped to count my calorie intake i tend to go on if im hungry ill eat and when im comfortable i stop some days i only have a couple of meals a day sometimes ill have 4 or 5 smaller meals depending on activity level and actual hunger levels too.

    If there is anything else that would be useful for me to mention then i would be happy to write what ever needs to be put up but just some advice on how to finally get that final bit of stubborn fat to go and also any advice on the bloating and any particular veggies that are known to cause bloating as maybe this could be the issue,

    I know i have waffled on an awful lot here so i appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and even more so for any help that can be offered it would mean the world to me!!

    Also, in case Mark ever reads these forums i would also like to thank him personally as i did have to email him towards the start of me taking on the diet for some tips and i was very glad to see he replied even though he doesn really have the time to answer every email im sure so if you read this Mark then i just wanted you to know that it was very very appreciated you took the time to write to me.

    Hope your all having a great day!

    Kind Regards,


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    I am probably not one to give advice about primal, but I did note one thing in your dissertation... You speak of the small area of bulge from your navel and down a bit, and your refer to it a 'bloated' I am perplexed as when I think of bloating I think of a fullness feeling that comes on...or use to come on from time to time while eating poorly, and was up high, just below rib cage. The feeling always subsided after time. Does the are have a seperate feeling of pressure like air or somethign wrong with your intestines? Or perhaps is it just that last roll of fat that needs time to dissolve? I do know we lose fat fron different areas at different rates so maybe? Hope someone else can give ypu more help. I also have an HH and use to have severe Refulx from being a crazy drunk for 20 years....been dry for 10 now and my oesophagus smiles.

    Good luck.
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      Yogurt is primal if your body can handle it. If you can, it may help your digestive system. Otherwise, you might try non-dairy probiotics.

      Some small potatoes are fine if you need the carbs.

      Are you OK with beef? Good stuff.

      Maybe too much fruit and nuts. Both great in small amounts but maybe you are doing too much.

      Good luck with primal.
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        I too have been diagnosed as having IBS and I was told by my specialist to eat more cooked veggies than raw ones, as they are digested and assimilated easier by people with IBS. I notice my tummy goes nuts after a salad that's too big, but I am ok after a huge plate of steamed veggies. You could also try taking a digestive enzyme or consuming some apple cider vinegar prior to meals to help with digestion of food