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Looking for reassurance on blood test results

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  • Looking for reassurance on blood test results

    I know this topic is discussed a lot in here, but I have to say that I don't always fully understand the technical terms, and I can't help but feel a little nervous about my recent blood test results. I don't remember exactly what my cholesterol numbers used to be, but I know that whenever I got a report back, I would always get a note that said "cholesterol readings put you at a low risk of heart disease," or something to that effect. Now, after almost a year on primal, keeping carbs very low 20% or less, my cholesterol is somewhat high. I'm also worried about a few other numbers that were out of range. Here's the rundown:

    Glucose 82 (non-fasting)
    sodium 139
    potassium 4.0
    chloride 104
    carbon dioxide 20 L --* out of range/ normal is 21-33 mmol/L
    urea nitrogen 16
    creatinine 0.66

    calcium 9.4
    protien 7.3
    albumin 4.8
    globulin, calculated 2.5
    A/G ratio 1.9
    Bilirubin, total 0.7
    Alkaline phosphatase 37
    AST 14
    ALT 10
    EGFR >60

    Cholesterol 215 -- *out of range 125-200 mg/dl
    HDL 81
    cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.7
    LDL, calculated 127
    Triglicerides 57
    Vitamin b12 797
    Folate 16.1
    Methylmalonic acid, serum 56 --* out of range normal is 87-318 nmol/L
    Homocysteine 4.8 --* out of range normal is 5.4-11.9 MICROmol/L

    The last two, MMA and homocysteine, were very much out of range, and my doc said she was going to research these things and get back to me. She never did, and I've done a little research myself and can't figure out what that might be about.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    OK--This is what I know from experience.

    Your cholesterol is great! The 'high' is nonsense--an automatic lab designation.

    Your HDL is superb, and your trigs are low. Based on my own VAP test and info from my endo, your LDL is most likely 'Pattern A' which are the large, fluffy particles that are actually heart protective. A VAP test measures particle size, and my endo ordered one for me because, as he said, most of his patients with high HDL and low trigs turn out to have Pattern A--which makes the 'high' LDL number a good thing.

    If your doctor bothers you about your cholesterol, try explaining this to her. Most doctors know nothing but 'give statins.'

    The 'out of range' homocysteine is supposedly good, too, because my understanding is the lower the better, but I'm not certain of this. I don't know anything about the MMA.


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      Thanks, Emmie. That is reassuring, although I kind of miss getting that little note -- sort of like a gold star on your report card.

      I wonder about the low carbon dioxide, though. Don't know what that might indicate, but am wondering if it has something to do with being in mild ketosis, as I usually am.


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        Healthymama, think of it like this. Doc's want your total cholesterol to be under 200 (no reason for that, but they do). They also want your HDL to be high, as it's heart protective. Your HDL is fantastic at 87. I think average for Americans is around 40 something. Imagine if your HDL was down around the average, then your total cholesterol would be about 160-170 something. A 'good' total, based on absolutely nothing, but the actual numbers that matter wouldn't be so good.

        Your HDL and Trigs are great, that's the main thing about cholesterol. Read Griffs primer and it explains more.


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          Also, from wikipedia "A high level of blood serum homocysteine "Homocystinemia" is a powerful risk factor for cardiovascular disease." So it sounds like your low level is good, and it's good because you're getting a diet full of essential vitamins.

          The MMA readings seem good too, as elevated levels indicate a B12 deficiency. If you're eating red meat though, there is little chance you would be B vitamin deficient.