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  • Advice/Critique on my PB Implementation


    I'm still rather new to the forum and the PB lifestyle, but am enamored with the wealth of info that exists here. Entering my 4th week tomorrow. Overall, I'd say things are very good. Still battling some constipation, and don't feel like I'm making anymore headway on the belly flab. I'm 5'11'', started this plan at 180 lbs, okay muscle mass, maybe 12-14%bf. Have lifted very heavy in the past (PR is 275 on bench, 315 deadlift), and have also done triathlons. So, all in all, came into this in good shape with a positive attitude. My goal is to get to single digit bodyfat, and to see my abs.

    After a quick 5 lb drop (maybe more since I've definitely become more defined and gotten stronger), I feel like my belly flab has actually gotten worse. I've never really been able to see my abs, but I've generally held it all together pretty well. So, could it be perception that it's gotten worse, as most of the rest of my body either looks leaner or more muscular and it's only highlighted an already flabby stomach? Anyway, I'd love a critique to see if I can make any improvements. Your thoughts are appreciated!

    According to fitday since I've started, my macro breakdown is 55% fat; 30% protein; 12% carbs; 3% alcohol; and I'm averaging 2200 calories, 70 g of carbs and 168g of protein.

    Fitness routine: 2 days a week LHT (all compound exercises); 1 day sprint; 1 day Tabata; walk 10 miles/wk; swim one day/wk.

    Nutrition: (most days)
    Breakfast - coffee w/ 1-2 oz h & h; 3 eggs, 5 pieces of thin bacon
    Lunch - Big ass salad w/ baby spinach, a few small pieces of shredded carrot, cabbage, about 4-5 oz chicken, olive oil, red wine vinegar
    Snack - Sometimes a protein shake (about 1 g of carbs) w/ coconut milk; OR a small handful of almodns; OR a small handful of berries
    Dinner - 8 oz of steak or chicken; sometimes a vegetable like broccoli or spinach
    Occasional Indulgence: small piece of dark chocolate (80%); OR one glass of cabernet; OR a few TBSP of almond butter; OR apple