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  • Help with Chicken!

    I spent my last $10 (literally) on "free range" organic chicken from Trader Joe's. I pan fried one breast like I usually do, and it was so tough I really couldn't chew it. I have bad teeth, and really stringy or chewy foods are problematic. I tried baking the next breast in foil with veggies and it was still tough as hell. I have one breast left... is there any secret to making it more tender??

    I always get my meat from the local butcher, who sources from farms within a 60 mile radius of the store. Not making this mistake again! The Trader Joe's chicken reminds me of the time my dad fed us an old, old hen from the chicken coop. Blech.

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    Brining can help....(soaking in a saltwater solution for several hours) but that is more for moisture

    Marinade with acid can break down the fibers a bit.

    I would marinate for 24 hours and then dice and stirfry. The low cooking times and the smaller pieces should be more forgiving.
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      my favorite way to prep chicken is roasting... ALWAYS a winner... never fails... super easy, 'tender' and delicious... plus you have food for the next few days to a week (depending on how big/small the chicken)... otherwise you can stew or grill... marinating helps also.

      the secret to grilling/cooking chicken is... leave it alone. don't mess with it once you put it in the pan (unless you've chopped it up, etc)... if you have a piece of thigh sitting on the grill--let it cook, covered (make sure your heat is not super high--med/high is good)... flip it once it looks like it's almost cooked through and then leave it for a few minutes... then check to see if it's cooked.

      otherwise, i think you can google more descriptive tips hope this helps.
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        Once chicken dries out, it's all over.
        Wrap it up (good) in tinfoil with some butter and maby a splash of water then bake it.
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          I normally bake it in organic butter. I add a little course salt and pepper. I cook it for 20-25 minutes at 325-350 degrees and it has never turned out dry or chewy.
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            Maybe make soup? Do you have any broth kickin' around?
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