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hunger signals - physical versus mental

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  • hunger signals - physical versus mental

    So today I had a craving for something salty and crunchy and ended up eating bagel bites, a little nutella, and a whole bunch of doritos. Basically, I ate a lot of junk. I would call it a binge but at some point I stopped because I literally could not stomach the thought of eating any more, so I ended up not eating as much as I normally have in the past during a binging episode.

    This has been happening more and more often... before, even after I was no longer physically hungry it would feel like my stomach was a bottomless pit and my brain just wanted more, more, more! But lately, it's like my stomach and my brain make me stop eating in tandem (especially when it comes to sugar), and if I overeat it actually takes mental and physical willpower to ignore how stuffed/queasy my stomach feels and how nauseous my brain feels at the thought of eating any more.

    Is primal improving my hunger signaling? I've been diagnosed with insulin resistance and PCOS, and so probably had some leptin stuff going on... does this mean that my leptin receptors are now working like a normal person's?!?

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    When it comes to cravings, here are my thoughts...

    You're probably lacking something in your diet that your body is demanding, however you can get it. I noticed a long time ago, even in my CW days that taking vitamins & fish oil squashed most of my cravings. Now when I crave foods it's either usually because I'm slacking on my vitamins and/or not eating properly.


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      How did you have access to bagel bites, nutella and doritos?
      If I'm having a craving like that, I'd rather have macadamia nuts and some coconut flakes. Take a spoonful of coconut oil or coconut milk with it.
      For me, I have times of the month where I barely have any appetite, so I skip meals a lot then, then other times of the month I'm intensely hungry, so I eat more then, but keep it primal.


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        In answer to the question you actually is possible but I wouldnt try to analyze it to death or ...relax(?). I dont know if that is the right term. I guess the "are my leptin receptors working?" as a potentially dangerous question. As someone who has binge tendencies any time I start to think "I got this now, I'm in control now..." eesh.

        After 3 months I may be starting to see some sort of change in the false hunger signals. And then other days I dont feel like anything has improved at all.
        MTA: because it is rare I dont have more to say

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