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My dad is going low carb for lent

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  • My dad is going low carb for lent

    I am pretty excited- this was without any urging or me even mentioning it anytime within the last few months. He is not going totally hardcore (as he put it, he has no idea what to eat for lunch without a sandwich), but since he is a healthy and active guy in his late 50s who nonetheless has gained a bit of weight over the years, I'm sure he'll have his eyes opened if he sticks with it.

    Anyone gone through something like this before? I might email him and my mom a recipe pdf I have, but other than that, and telling him to eat a lot of meat, what should I do? Remember, he's not whole heartedly embracing the primal thing, he's simply giving up carb heavy food for the next month or so, as a "sacrifice," but I want to do everything I can to make sure he has a good experience that will enlighten the rest of my family, so to speak.

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    I have no why the thread title has the word "page" in it, haha, but apparently I can't change it now. Live and learn I guess.


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      As far as the sandwich goes, he can wrap his "sandwich" in large pieces of lettuce, use a corn tortilla (not best, but better than bread), or just use a fork. If you don't mind me asking, where does he work? That could probably help us with suggestions for lunch time.

      Also let him know that berries, fruit, and dark chocolate are good for sugar cravings.


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        Originally posted by mdlaw View Post
        I have no why the thread title has the word "page" in it, haha, but apparently I can't change it now. Live and learn I guess.
        It's the forum software - page 1 is just "page" until there's a page 2, for some reason. A bug, rather than a feature.
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          he works in a city but is on the road a lot locally for work, so he's in the habit of stopping by delis etc for lunch. It may be heresy on here, but the way I look at it, if he cuts out chips and soda with his lunch, and eats low carb for breakfast and dinner, he'll probably still notice a positive difference. He's mostly doing it as an experiment/test of willpower since he enjoys those carby foods.

          However, he agreed to my suggestion to get some blood tests and weigh himself after the 40 days is up and compare that to where he was before hand. I also slipped him my copy of the PB last night, and opened it to the nutrition chapters. My guess is he'll be pleasantly surprised. If not, he gave it a shot and it's none of my business, but I bet it will work out.

          After all, once you get past unfounded health concerns, who doesn't like bacon and eggs for breakfast and steak with buttered veggies for dinner?