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Question on Saturated fat PB vs CW

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  • Question on Saturated fat PB vs CW

    Can someone clarify or confirm something for me? It is in reference to the PB vs CW section at the beginning of the Primal Blueprint book Ė saturated fat.

    PB: Little or no association with heart disease risk. (Framingham and Nurses
    Health studies). Should be major dietary calorie source
    (from animal foods). Drove human evolution/advancement of brain function for two
    million years. Promotes efficient fat metabolism, weight control and stable energy levels.
    Major risk factor for heart disease is actually Metabolic Syndrome, driven by excess
    PUFAís/insufficient Omega-3ís, high carbs/excess insulin and overly stressful lifestyle.

    Saturated fat is really not the culprit. It is Ok, but bad when people essentially eat a high carb diet and donít get sufficient Omega 3ís? And since the CW/Medical Establishment recommends eating tons of Whole Grains (Iíve seen 50% of your daily calorie intake recommended), thatís what gets most folks into trouble. So they just demonize saturated fat since they never take into account high carbs / excess insulin etc.


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    Saturated fat isn't even bad when you do mix it with a high carb diet. On Hulu - Fat Head - Watch the full feature film now. (watch it if you haven't, it will help some) the lead doctor from Framingham is quoted as saying something to the effect that those with the highest saturated fat intake had the lowest cholesterol levels (or something to that effect).
    The demonization of saturated fat comes from the lipid hypothesis invented by Ancel Keys -also explained in the movie. For some reason (and I believe it to be mostly money and politically driven) it has lasted 60+ years.
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      Thanks for the info. I watched Fat Head and it definitely filled in the blanks for me. Particularly informative was the Heart Disease cause:
      Inflammation (from carbs) > Small LDL > Oxidation > plaque.