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Intermittent fasting question

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  • Intermittent fasting question

    Over the past couple of weeks, I've been experiencing occasional discomfort when I eat, especially at dinner.
    On days when I've skipped breakfast (due to simply not being hungry), it's especially noticeable. When I do get hungry, I want to eat - but after just a few bites, I feel bloated & full and sometimes, I also experience a quicker heart beat than normal.
    What gives?

    I'm not overweight, I exercise regularly (walking is my favorite, but I 'lift heavy things' as well), I don't consume caffeinated drinks after 10 a.m., I don't smoke ~ it's nuts. What's worse is that it's beginning to cause anxiety ~ I almost dread dinner time now.
    Last night made a salad with organic mixed greens dressed with olive oil & lemon juice. I seared up a nice, juicy rare steak, but a few bites in - ooof. I felt overly full. I'd not eaten much earlier in the day (Greek yogurt & berries for lunch; apple & a string cheese in the late afternoon.)

    Any thoughts / advice would be much appreciated. I'm really beginning to get concerned about this.

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    Very weird. I fast most days until dinner and I almost never have a problem eating a very large meal. Have you started IF'ing recently and always had this problem with fasting, or is this a recent development? You may want to see a doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.


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      I sort of experienced this a few months back. Do you feel as though it takes forever to digest? I was having problems feeling full for HOURS which made little sense to me. I’m not saying “I didn’t feel hungry for hours” which is normal, but I felt like there was food in my stomach for extended periods of time.

      Unfortunately I can’t tell you what made it stop, it just sort of went away. For what it’s worth I fast Monday-Friday from the time I wake until 1pm so my first meal of the day is at 1pm then usually another one anytime between 6-9pm. I would notice this discomfort at the second meal, even if I wasn’t eating a lot.

      I would suggest eating less muscle proteins for a little bit, focus on eggs for protein and easy veggies for a few days and see if that helps a little. Maybe tuna or ground beef, something that’s already “broken down” so to speak. I was back to normal after maybe two weeks but it was a cause for concern when it first happened.
      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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        Pheebie, sorry to hear about your difficulties.

        I've never experienced a quickened heartbeat when eating after fasting, but quite often, I *will* feel full after eating only a few bites, following a fast. iniQuity's advice to eat easily digestible proteins & veggies is a good idea; additionally, have you considered using digestive enzymes? This is just pure speculation, but I know that e.g. vegetarians who stop eating meat eventually stop producing the enzymes needed to digest meat; maybe fasting could cause a similar phenomenon, in which your body might not be "ready" to process food, coming off a fast? (Although you hadn't been fasting for a long time, if you had eaten 2 small meals earlier that day; maybe this speculated phenomenon would just be relevant for more extended fasts, e.g. 24+ hours; I know that some people only eat broth initially, after coming off a long fast...)

        Again, it's just speculation, and every person is different. I think some good-quality digestive enzymes might be one avenue of solving your issue. (I take enzymes with most meals/snacks; have never had any digestive issues, either before starting the use of enzymes, or after.)

        Here is an MDA thread on digestive enzymes:
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          Thanks for the info & insight. This past weekend I ordered some digestive enzymes from Vitacost - just waiting for them to arrive. I take Culturelle daily, but since last Friday I began taking it in the a.m. AND p.m. instead of just in the morning ~ hope that will help things, too.

          This seemed to start during a particularly stressful work week, but I thought once the stress went away, so would the digestive discomfort/issues. Also, we're just getting over Mardi Gras here in New Orleans, and I fell off the no-grain bandwagon big time, thanks to irresistable king cakes. I didn't think it would have THAT much impact because I'm usually an 80/20 PB'er, but maybe it effected me more than I thought it would? In any case, this week I'm going absolutely grain free, hoping that with the digestive enzymes and increased pro-biotic dosage will help.
          Just ate a BAS for lunch with some tuna added in ~ no bloated feeling, although the sensation that I have to burp (sorry to be gross) is there, but nothing happens. At least otherwise I feel "normal," so I'll consider this progress.