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    Well here is the thing. I don't want to loose weight but rather gain + stay lean. It is quite hard for me to eat ~200 grams of protein a day + a lot of veggies just to gain weight. What would happen if i decided to go high carb, high protein and low fat? Thanks =)

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    Um, you wouldn't be eating Primally any more?

    Eat Primal, you don't need the carbs for energy, you can get that from good fats. Lift heavy, recover, repeat.
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      You'd gain like crazy, but I doubt it'd be muscle gain.
      Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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        Originally posted by BayouPrimal View Post
        Um, you wouldn't be eating Primally any more?

        Eat Primal, you don't need the carbs for energy, you can get that from good fats. Lift heavy, recover, repeat.
        Exactly. Stay on top of yourself with the lifting, but don't overdo it, and you'll gain mass pretty quick.

        Unsolicited advice: If you don't follow a resistance training program, or are just starting, I'd recommend the 5 essential movements or something similar to build up a lot of smaller/core muscles. Once you're comfortable with those, or can complete them as directed in the Primal Blueprint Fitness, move on to weights. Trust me, you still gain mass while doing body-weight resistance training.


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          I do 5x5 3 times a week, and have noticed a significantly progress. I just dont want to do GOMAD (which my twin brother does). I want to do it the "real" way. Although it takes me some time to recover nowadays, I guess it will help me with potatoes PWO.


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            You mean you were being serious? Yeesh, I thought you were trolling. I can't believe you could hang out here and not absorb enough info to know how eating high carb and low fat is seriously shitty for your body.
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              You lower your testosterone! Healthy Diets And Science: Decrease of testosterone during a low-fat high-fibre diet

              F this low fat craze, people don't realize that the pathways involved in a lot of useful hormones are dependent upon dietary fat.

              What in the world is wrong with high protein, high fat, high carbs? If anything that will get you the best results.
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                If you want to stay lean, increasing your carb intake is not the way to go...If you're having a hard time getting enough calories and protein, maybe you should consider shakes/supplementation.


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                  Haha, I'm not trolling =P I just don't know the consequences of eating high carb low-fat. Going upstairs to make me some banana pancakes =) Really funny though, that my twinbrother is doing the GOMAD, while I do Paleo and feel so much stronger. Just went past him on squat and overhead press yesterday. It really pays off. Guess I'm going to stick with Paleo, and see how things goes =)


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                    Getting larger than your genetic potential or getting large quickly will include fat gain. Period. Adding more cards for more training volume can be fine, depending on your specific goals.

                    It would be better suited to ask this question on a body building forum of some type.
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