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Guava Leaf - Anti-inflammatory & more

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  • Guava Leaf - Anti-inflammatory & more

    We have a Chinese tea sitting in the cupboard here at work and since I am fasting all day, I went looking for some tea.

    The box said "Guava Leaf Tea for Diabetes". I am drinking it now and decided to look up the properties of this fruit's leaves.

    "Guava leaf has a function to inactive a-amylase as an its inhibitor and to inhibit digestive absorption of lipid as hpase inhibitory effect. However, Guava leaf does not inhibit protease (5). Therefore, because of Guava leaf’s inhibitory activity of decomposition of starch to glucose, it inhibits absorption of glucose into body and inhibits conversion of glucose to body fat. It is believed that Guava leaf is effective for weight control and reducing body fat."

    "Guava leaf has been used as a folk remedy for diabetes and there are studies of Guava leaf for anti-diabetic effect. Guava leaf inhibits the increase in the plasma level of blood sugar, but not to effect on the plasma level of insulin"

    It's good for the GI, is an anti-inflammatory, used as a mild laxative, has an inhibitory effect for the release of histamine from cells and is found to be helpful for diabetics.

    "Guava has been studied as an ingredient in diabetic diets. Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) is a potential therapeutic target in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Leaf extracts of P. guajava inhibited the activity of PTP1B in animal models."

    It also is a great source of polyphenols and antioxidants, such as ascorbic acid and carotenoids.

    I read one user's comments to say that she uses the tea to relieve herself of chronic migraine headaches!

    It smells like the bottom of a goat pen, but not bad on the taste buds. Yup, that's why I call myself the Guinea Pig in my 'Health Test Dummy' blog. I try all sorts of different things ;-)

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    Very interesting! I'll have to pick some up and try it out.

    How random that you had that type of tea just sitting in your work cupboard though!


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      It's good for the GI, is an anti-inflammatory

      totally could use it for my ulcer

      I am going to Marlene's tomorrow will look for some...thank you xoxo Darlene


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        I know, huh? The box was just sitting up there, shrink wrap and all. No one has touched it and it's been up there for close to a month.

        I might as well just take the box home!


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          take it!

          their must be somehting you need in there if it was there for you

          I am drinking marshmellow root tea like a mad woman too it is like lotion for the stomach..heals and coats.........xox Darlene